Web Wednesday – 1/7/15

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Welcome to Web Wednesday!
Your digital peek into all things Dynamic Corvettes!

It’s the first Web Wednesday of 2015!

Ed and Josh have been working hard on the 1965 Corvette. With the rolling chassis completed and the old chassis completely torn down, they have moved onto the body of the Corvette. First off, Ed replaced a damaged section in the passenger side rear quarter and bonded it in. Followed by Josh cleaning the engine compartment and underbody. Josh then undercoated the entire underbody and wheel wells, followed by priming and painting the engine compartment. Once the paint dried they installed new upper control arm dust covers, and new inner skirt reinforcements. They have also removed the instrument cluster and have started to remove the entire dashboard. As of today, they are installing new underbody brackets and reinforcements, preparing to mate the body on the new chassis.

 Corey, Tyler and Steve are making fantastic progress on the 1978 Corvette. They have pushed the car into the body shop and have started to fill and sand the body and fit all of the new fiberglass panels. First off, they removed the rear window and cleared the window jam of all the old adhesive. Corey went over that jam with sand paper and smoothed out all of the imperfections and removed any lingering adhesive. Meanwhile Tyler started to prep the new bumpers and spoilers by roughing them up with 80 grit sandpaper. After everything was ready, they started to fit the bumpers and spoilers onto the car while Ed installed the headlight doors. Once everything was on, they began to fill and sand the body and fit the bumpers even more. The plan is to have the car in primer by the end of the week!

Another project came in last week as well. This is a 1973 Corvette in which the owner would like to refresh the interior. Still discussing with the customer about what he wants replaced, but this should be another great project!

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