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1963 Corvette RestoMod

A lot has happened with the RestoMod over the past week. After the body came out of the paint booth with it’s first coat of primer, Corey & Tyler quickly got to work and block sanded the entire body while Steve did some finishing touches to his hood modifications. Ed and Corey also dry fitted the rear bumpers and made some shims for them to fit better. After the entire body was sanded, it was time to roll back into the paint booth for the second coat of primer. Tyler and Corey masked off the body and the doors, and applied another coat of primer then applied a light coat of black as a guide coat. The guide coat is used so they know where they have sanded and where they have not. They will start the wet sanding with 400 grit and work up to 600. Secondly, Steve has started to install his inner fender close out panels in the engine compartment. With a few more adjustments, they will be ready for primer and paint as well. 


1959 Corvette 

Ed has assembled the rear end on the 1959 Corvette. Everything has been bonded and riveted in place. Next step is to get the trunk lid installed. The customer provided a replacement trunk lid that would not work due to being a poor quality part. We discussed with the customer and decided to go forward with repairing the original trunk lid. As you can see, Ed has started to remove sections of the inner fiberglass frame work to access the trouble areas that have cracks. 


1960 Corvette

Ed has installed the exhaust and gotten the engine running! Check out the video below to hear her running!

Check out this video of the 1960 Corvette running for the first time in over 30 years!

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