Web Wednesday – 1/28/15

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Ed and Josh started to assemble the rear suspension on the 1960 Corvette while waiting for the frame to come back from the A-coaters but they did not have to wait very long. Steve picked up the frame and our other parts from the coater and they look fantastic! Josh cleaned up the rest of the body and the engine compartment and then painted them black. He also removed all of the remaining wiring harnesses and the heater core box. Currently, Josh is working on building a rolling chassis. He has hung the rear suspension and is going to install the new fuel and brake lines next. 

The 1974 Corvette named “Alice” has come out of the paint booth with her first coat of primer. She is patiently waiting for the guys to apply a guide coat of black and then for them to start block sanding and getting ready for the second coat of primer.

The 1965 Corvette is getting closer and closer to being ready for the paint booth and it’s first coat of primer. Tyler, Corey, and Al have been working all week on this vehicle. They have filed the headlight doors down to be flush with the hood surround and checked the gaps to make sure they are even and straight. 


Ed has disassembled the hardtop for the 1962 Corvette. Preparing the roof panel for paint and replacing the dirty, old scratched up glass. 


Almost finished with the 1976 Corvette. Ed has been putting the interior back together. He has replaced the radiator, installed the rear bumper and taillights, installed the seat belts, replaced the heater control faceplate assembly, and installed the center consoles. After the interior has been completely put back in, he will have to install the new emblems followed by mounting and balancing new tires.

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