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1963 Corvette RestoMod

Lots and lots of progress on the 1963 Corvette RestoMod. The owner brought her back last week with the new Detroit Speed C2 Headlight motors installed and wired up. He has also installed LED taillights. Check out the video below to see a demo of the exterior lights!


Ed and the owner quickly got to work on installing the front and rear glass. They installed the weatherstrip around the glass, placed a rope in the weatherstrip groove all the way around, then pulled the rope from inside of the vehicle to get the weatherstrip lip over the lip of the window opening. Once all of the glass was installed, Ed started to clean up and polish the stainless steel moldings and get them installed. Meanwhile, Corey was wet sanding and polishing the doors, getting them ready for installation. After Corey had the doors ready, he assisted Ed with installing them to the vehicle. Ed then started to assemble the doors, and getting things ready for the power window regulators to be installed. With the work week coming to an end, the owner picked her up again and took her home to get the front grille installed and engine running.


Generations apart - same blood line

Generations apart – Same blood line

Once he got the engine ready to be started for the first time, he posted this video on YouTube.
After bringing the car back to the shop and telling us that he got the engine running at home, we wanted him to start it up for us! Check out the video below of the first start up at our shop and listen to the exhaust resonate within the building. 
The owner also got the front radiator grille installed, as well as the driver side exhaust. One of the windshield reveal moldings popped up during transportation, but can be easily reinstalled. The owner has also gotten his seat belts installed and is ready for the seats next. And lastly, it occurred to me that I have never posted any under body pictures of the RestoMod with the chassis installed. Check out how beautiful that SRIII chassis is. 

1980 Corvette

After flaking off most of the front end paint by hand, Corey started to prep the 1980 Corvette for chemical paint stripping. He was assisted by Tyler who attacked the doors while Corey removed the bumpers. Fairly soon, they will prep the work area and start applying the stripper.

Custom Fiberglass

Following up on our fiberglass orders, pictured below are the first set of fiberglass flared fenders and quarters we have made this year. Steve quickly got them packaged up and ready to be shipped to our customer in New York. The guys have also created a 1-piece front end for 1963/1964 Corvettes, which has been pulled out of the mold and is awaiting to be trimmed. They have made another set of front and rear flares for another order and they are also building a mold for our custom air cleaner assembly for the 1963 Corvette RestoMod.


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