Web Wednesday – 12/31/14

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Welcome to Web Wednesday!
Your digital peek into all things DYNAMIC CORVETTES!

Last update of the year! Check out this little video we put together of some of the projects we completed this year!

The 1965 Corvette is progressing forward. Previously, we’ve built a new rolling chassis for this vehicle. The guys got the new fuel tank installed, along with the leaf spring which was sandblasted, primed, and refinished then put back together using new leaf liners and hardware. They then removed the chassis from the hoist and placed the vehicle on it to prepare for removing the body. Once they cleared the debris from around the body mounts, they had to torch off most of the bolts due to excessive rust. They then placed the body on to one of our body carts and proceeded to tear down the old chassis.

The 1978 Corvette Pace Car is beginning to look like a car again! After building a new rolling chassis and remounting the body, the guys have begun to bond in the fiberglass. They started by removing the door skins from the door shells and roughing up the bonding edges. Afterwards, the roughed up the bonding edges on the new door skins and started to dry fit them on the vehicle. Once they were satisfied with the fit, they busted out the epoxy and bonded the skins to the shells. While that was curing, they started to make adjustments to the hood surround and hood to insure it would be bonded perfectly to the vehicle. The door skins bonded over Christmas and once we came back we removed all of the tape. Lastly, the guys have repaired a small crack in the driver side rear quarter. This crack was right on the edge of the bonding seam. The guys ground out the seam, and refilled it with epoxy and repaired that crack in the process.

Meanwhile, the boys have been sanding like mad men on the 1960 Corvette – Barn Car. They have gone over the entire body and all of the removed panels. Once they were finished they pushed it into the paint booth, where they raised it the vehicle up on the hoist and started to double check all of the sanding. They sanded a few spots this morning and started masking it off this afternoon. By this evening, we will have our 2 coats of primer on and be ready for another session of sanding before we apply base coat.

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