Web Wednesday – 12/30/15 – Happy New Year!

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Welcome to Web Wednesday! 

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1963 Corvette RestoMod

The RestoMod has left the building!! It was a quick journey from donor car to beautiful painted shell. Last week, the guys were buffing and polishing the new finish. Towards the end of the day Wednesday, they masked off the entire car and applied “Raptor” spray-on bed liner material as an undercoating. This bed liner material is perfect for undercoating because it will not chip, fade, or degrade over time. It provides excellent underbody protection! After the undercoating was applied and dried, they installed the transmission tunnel heat shielding, followed by removing the excess material to allow the transmission shifter to enter the interior. 

 They were now ready for lowering the body onto the chassis for the last time. They carefully lowered the body while Steve, Ed, and the owner watched areas to insure there were no hang ups or damage to the body. Once the body was on the chassis, they installed the body bolts and she was pushed to the door to be loaded in the trailer and sent home! The owner will now take it over from here and install his electronics and wiring. 

Meanwhile, we have a hood and 2 doors to paint while the owner completes the interior.


Watch as the guys very carefully lower the body back on to the chassis so she could go home with her owner over Christmas weekend.

Here is what the owner has been up to since taking her home.

Want to follow the owner and this build on Corvette Forum?

Click here!!

2002 Corvette

Last week, Ed started to tear down the 2002 Corvette to start repairs. Upon removing the rocker panel, he discovered that the rocker panel extension was damaged as well. After obtaining that part, Ed continued to tear down the driver side of the car. Repairs to the driver door have been completed and the door is now in primer, along with the replacement fender and quarter panel. 


1959 Corvette

We have started back up on the 1959 Corvette by replacing the passenger fender and driver side door skin. Upon removal of the original door skin, Ed and Steve found old damage in the lower back section of the door. They cut out a piece fiberglass from a used door we had on hand and replaced the section with a good piece of fiberglass and bonded it in. Once Ed removed the passenger fender, he found the inner fender support reinforcements have rotted away and need to be replaced. 


1963 Corvette – Front End

We are #1 in Michigan for custom Corvette fiberglass! Recently, an old customer of ours called and stated that he bought another Corvette and would like to install our 1-piece 1963 Corvette front end on it. Pictured here is Mark, prepping the molds to make some parts!!

Lastly, from everyone at Dynamic Corvettes, have a very happy and safe New Years!!

GOODBYE 2015, HELLO 2016!!

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