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1963 Corvette RestoMod

If you missed us last week, you missed seeing the RestoMod in it’s first coat of primer! Following the primer application, the guys quickly got to block sanding the body and refining all of those lines and making the body panels flat. After a day of sanding, Tyler and Ed got the doors installed so the owner could take it home over the long weekend. Corey pulled out the air hose and blew off all of the lingering primer dust and we got ready to load her up in the trailer. 

Watch us load the 1963 Corvette RestoMod into the trailer for her trip home for Thanksgiving!

After the long weekend, the owner brought her back with few added features. He has started to install the mounts and hardware for the side exhaust and has also started to consider interior center console options. After we got the car unloaded, Steve and the owner inspected and discussed the welds on the side pipes which are exemplary! Corey and Tyler jumped right back on her with sanding blocks and 150 grit sandpaper to get her blocked and ready for the next coat of primer. Meanwhile, Steve is perfecting the hood and Ed is fitting the rear bumpers with Corey. 

1959 Corvette

Ed has returned to the 1959 Corvette to complete the rear end body work.  The new bonding strips arrived late last week and were quickly run down to the shop for installation. As you can see, Ed got everything bonded up and clamped with heat lamps to assist in curing. We will let the epoxy cure for 24 hours before removing the clamps, followed by inspecting the bonds.

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