Web Wednesday – 12/17/14

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Our party last week was a smashing success! Thank you to all who came! Steve grilled up some ribs, hot dogs/brats, and chicken for everyone. He also made his “award-winning” Corvette baked beans. We estimate that 80-85 people came to our get-together. Once again, thank you to all who came! You guys are what makes it all worth while!


The guys are moving right along with the 1962 Corvette. Ed cut out and replaced a section on the driver’s side fender cap that had been improperly patched and repair years ago. He fabricated some bonding strips and bonded the new section in. They have also installed the weatherstrips on the deck-lid and trunk so they will have correct fitment when it comes to doing the body work. 


The 1965 Corvette replacement frame is back from the dipper and coaters and it looks great! The guys have started to assemble the chassis to make a roller, then we can work on removing the body from the old chassis, switching over the engine, transmission, & rear differential, and finally remounting the body onto the new rolling chassis. 


Ed has started installing the carpet in the 1976 Corvette. He has installed the carpet in the rear, but only laid out the carpet in the front to let it properly relax to the cockpit. We want to insure a good fit, so letting the carpet relax is very important. This allows all of the packaging creases to come out and make the installation easier for the guys.


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