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We are back on Ebay!

We took a short break off of Ebay a year ago, but now we are happy to announce that we are listing items once again! Junior is getting items up as he has the time but if you are looking for something in particular, do not hesitate to give us a call!!

All of our items are extensively photographed and detailed descriptions given. 

Take advantage of  rock bottom prices on aftermarket surplus and General Motors OEM / NOS parts!!

Don’t take my word for it! Go check it out!



 1963 Corvette RestoMod

With the second coat of primer on the body, the guys turned their attention to the engine compartment. They rolled the body into the paint booth and masked off the rest of the car. They applied a coat of primer then block sanded that primer down so everything was nice a flat. They again masked off the body and rolled her into the booth for a second coat of primer. After applying the primer, they rolled the body back out of the booth for more sanding.  They lowered the body back on to the chassis and installed weatherstripping on the doors. Once the doors were installed, they checked the fit and proceeded to move forward with wet sanding and prepping for base coat.

1960 Corvette

Ed has removed started to work on the convertible top for the 1960 Corvette. He completely disassembled the convertible top frame then passed it along to Mark. Mark then placed the pieces in our sandblast cabinet and proceeded to clean them up. After sand blasting in the cabinet, Mark cleaned them and applied primer and paint. 

2002 Corvette

This Corvette had the misfortune of being dropped off a hoist at a local shop in our area. They knew who to bring it to, THE CORVETTE EXPERTS. After assessing the damage, we decided it would be best to do some exploratory tear down work to insure there was no hidden damage behind the body panels. We were happy to find none and are going to move forward with repairing the vehicle. 

Now is a great time to mention how to properly lift a C5/C6 Corvette.

C5 / C6 Corvette’s require “lifting pucks” like the ones shown below in order to properly hoist your vehicle without causing any damage to the vehicle. These pucks are easily purchased from multiple Corvette parts outlets including Corvette America and Corvette Central and are under a hundred dollars for the set. Why risk having a shop lift your vehicle improperly??


Here is a brief video, showing the placement and purpose of the pucks. 

1969 Corvette

Customer from out of state sent in his steering column to be rebuilt. As you can see, Ed quickly got it disassembled, sandblasted, primed and painted before he started to reassemble. Just another day at Dynamic Corvettes!

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