Web Wednesday – 1/21/15

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Getting closer and closer to the finish line on the 1976 Corvette. Ed has gotten the doors hung, the weatherstrips installed, and the radiator out lately. Josh and Ed also have refinished the front extension and the impact bar so they are nice and black. Only a few things left to do on this Corvette. Replace the radiator, mount and balance new tires, and stick on the new emblems and she will be ready to go!

The 1974 Corvette named “Alice” has finally made her way into the paint booth for her first coat of primer. The boys have been working hard on this car for a week and a half to get the body just right before we move ahead with paint. All of the bumpers have been adjusted and fit perfectly, the hood and doors have been mounted and fit perfectly. After removing the bumpers, the guys pushed her into the paint booth so Tyler and Al can mask her off.

The 1965 Corvette is patiently waiting for it’s turn with Corey, Tyler and Al. Filling and sanding is the next order of business before we can apply a primer coat. Meanwhile, Corey has ground out the seams all around the vehicle and has applied a coat of epoxy to them. Before they start to apply filler, the guys will sand down the new epoxy seams first to make them nice and flush before moving on.


Still making progress with the 1960 Corvette. The underbody has been cleaned and all of the metal reinforcements have been replaced. Josh is currently disassembling the rear axle and cleaning it up. He will then transplant the differential to another housing which has been acid dipped and aqua-coated. Install new seals, gaskets, and bearings in the new housing, then mount the axle to the rear suspension pieces that have come in.



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