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Welcome to Web Wednesday!!
You digital peek in the window of all things Dynamic Corvettes!!

The 1965 Corvette is getting gathering more momentum. Corey has gone over the entire vehicle with the dual action sander to remove and residual paint. He also ground out the seams in preparation for Ed to remove and replace the passenger side fender cap. Once Corey was finished the guys pushed it back into the mechanical shop. Once there, Ed started to remove the fender cap and prep the new cap for installation. He ground all of the bonding edges on the new part for good adhesion with the epoxy, dry-fit the panel to insure it will fit correctly, then bonded the new panel in. Once the panel was epoxied on, he placed the heat lamps around the bonded areas and allowed them to dry.  Now Ed is assembling the new outer end plates for the headlights. These plates were completely rusted out and needed to be replaced. The plates themselves are steel, but they are mounted with rivets to a fiberglass bracket, and then bonded onto the car. 

 The boys made quick work of the 1960 Corvette yesterday. Corey started by dual action sanding the entire vehicle, and then ground out all of the bonding seams. Once he was done with that, Josh & Steve came over to assist him in masking the seams off for the new epoxy to be laid down. Once the epoxy was applied, they set up the heat lamps and let the epoxy cure while removing the masking tape. Once the epoxy has cured completely, the guys will sand the seams down flush with the rest of the body panels. 

 The 1974 Corvette was in the middle of being stripped last Wednesday, but by the end of the day the car looked like this. Tyler has since then stripped the headlight doors and bezels. The Corvette named “Alice” is next in line for having her seams ground out and epoxied, along with having the entire body gone over again with the dual action sander. 

 Last week,  Ed was in the middle of reassembling the front suspension on the 1976 Corvette. The brake calipers have been rebuilt with the updated o-ring seals and refinished. All of the reused parts such as coil springs and control arms were completely sandblasted, primed and refinished before being reinstalled. Ed has since finished the suspension and also installed the new underlayment in the interior. We have just received the new carpet and 3 door rear compartment to install which should be in by the end of the week. 


The guys have started to grind out the seams and sand the body on the 1962 Corvette. Like the 1960, they will then mask off all of the seams and then fill those seams with epoxy. Once the epoxy is on, they will set up the heat lamps to help the epoxy cure and remove the masking tape. Once that part is finished we can sand the epoxy down flush with the panels and move into the body work phase.

 Last but not least, the 1978 Corvette Pace Car has been stripped and the body has been remounted onto the chassis with new body mounts!

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