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Welcome to Web Wednesday!
Your digital peek in to all things DYNAMIC CORVETTES!

First off, here is a cute Chevrolet commercial for the Corvette that a customer forwarded to us.

“Corvette Heaven”

The 1965 Corvette’s new chassis has been completed and the body is back on! After receiving the engine back from the machine shop, Ed and Josh quickly went to work adding all of the accessories and ignition items back on the engine. They installed the new HURST shifter on the transmission with new linkage and then installed both the engine and transmission in the chassis.

Check out the video below to watch Ed, Josh and I lower the body on to the new chassis.
(Video is sped up to reduce the overall video time)

 The 1978 Corvette Pace Car is covered in primer! After a lot of filling and sanding and more filling and sanding, the guys got the bumpers fitting perfectly along with the new spoilers. The boys then gave the entire body a once over with the sandpaper again to insure everything was smooth and then was rolled into the paint booth. They masked off the entire vehicle and applied a coat of Slick Sand primer and a light guide coat. Next order of business is block sanding, followed by another coat of primer.

Ed and Josh have removed the body from the 1960 Corvette. After torching all of the rusted bolts off the chassis, and then disconnecting all of everything from the body they slowly lifted the body off with the hoist.

Check out the video below to see the body come off the chassis!

Once the body was off, the quickly got to work on the chassis. First they removed the engine and took it over to the machine shop to be rebuilt. Following that, they removed the transmission, rear axle, and suspension. Once we have the replacement frame back from the acid dipper and E-coater’s we can start building the new chassis and place the body back on.

Lastly, the boys have started to fill and sand the 1974 Corvette, fondly named “Alice” by her owner. Her date with the paint booth is quickly approaching and we want her to look her best before we apply the first coat of primer. Steve, Tyler, and Corey have been diligently filling and sanding and sanding some more. We expect her to be primed by Friday!

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