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1963 Corvette RestoMod

The RestoMod is coming along nicely. Steve has started to dry fit his inner fender close out panels and has also got the new rear floor installed with the tubbed out wheel wells. The owner took the vehicle over the weekend and started working more on the drivetrain (installing modules and electrical components). After he brought it back to us on Monday, we pushed it back into the body shop where Corey and Tyler will be filling and sanding the body until it is absolutely perfect.


1959 Corvette

 The replacement frame for the 1959 Corvette arrived last week and Ed got quickly to work. First off, he transferred the entire suspension from the original chassis to the new. Secondly, he removed the engine, placed it on a stand and proceeded to remove the oil pan. Once the oil pan was removed, he bumped out the large dent and then refinished the pan with Chevrolet orange enamel. After the paint had dried, he installed the engine into the new chassis and proceeded forward with everything else. 

Once Ed had the chassis assembled, it was time to install the body. Check out the video below to see them lower the body back down.

Upon installation of the body, Ed went around the entire car and double checked all of his contact points before bolting the body down.

1954 Corvette

After a slight vacation from it, Corey is back on the 1954 Corvette. Currently, he has been working on fitting the front grill and making it fit perfect. Body work is a skill that takes a lot of patience. 

 1967 Corvette

This 1967 Corvette came in for a replacement rear leaf spring. Upon inspection, we discovered that the entire suspension needed to be overhauled. Worn out bushings, tired springs, leaking shocks, etc. Good thing the customer agreed that everything needed to be replaced because upon dissassembly, we found the rear passenger side brake pad had seperated and caked the pad material inside the wheel, and we found that the emergency brake hardware was missing springs. Also while Ed was working under the car he noticed a smell of fuel, upon inspecting the fuel tank, we found that it had been repaired in the past and that repair was now failing. 



Storage season is here! Let us store your classic car, truck, or motorcycle over the winter so you don’t have to worry about it! Our storage facility is climate controlled, so you do not have to worry about the elements taking their toll on your ride!

Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles – Heated Storage Available – September 30th thru April 30th

Storage Prices
 Storage Package
Car or Truck
Outdoor / Cold :  NOT AVAILABLE
Indoor / Heated: 6 month (PREPAID)
$450.00 for 6 months $225.00 for 6 months
Indoor / Heated: 1 month (Month to Month Basis)
$100.00 per month $50.00 per month

** Sorry, no “trickle chargers” or “battery tenders” – All vehicles will have their battery disconnected once in storage **


Contact us at 989-249-1100 or 800-752-3188 for any questions!


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