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1963 Corvette RestoMod

The RestoMod is making progress by leaps and bounds! Over the last week, the vehicle has been with the owner and he has been doing all of his own electrical and mechanical work. We are finishing up the custom air cleaner, painting the removable panels, and finishing up on the custom / modified hood. 

The custom air cleaner will drape over the radiator to allow fresh cool air from the grill into the engine. Steve has customized a C5 air cleaner assembly to work inside of this 1963 with an LS3 engine. Now that he has the part exactly how he wants it, he is preparing to make a mold of the piece and then create one from fiberglass. 

The modifications to the hood allowed clearance for the custom air cleaner assembly. 

2002 Corvette

The 2002 Corvette is ready to go home! After painting all of the new pieces and some of the original, Ed started to assemble the driver side. First he installed the rockers, followed by the rear quarter and last the front fender. After the driver side was assembled, he then installed the headlight doors and bumper covers. After assembly, he addressed a few under the hood concerns for the customer and she patiently awaits to be picked up. 

1959 Corvette

Ed has also completed the front end work on the 1959 Corvette. After receiving a passenger side headlight bucket and bezel, he fit the fender cap to the bucket and bezel. With the bucket and bezel fitting perfectly, he epoxied the fender cap to the rest of the vehicle. After the epoxy cured, he ground down and smoothed out the seams to show a clean seam.

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