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1964 Corvette Convertible – NCRS Restoration

Sam is cruising right along with the 1964 Corvette. As you can see, he has been applying body filler to the body lines and curves and perfecting them before the vehicle goes in the first coat of primer. Once the body filler is applied, he will wait for it to cure (harden) and then block sand and sand by hand to get the lines perfect. Our goal is to have the body in primer by the end of the week. 

1958 Corvette

The owner of the 1958 Corvette stopped by last week and dropped off an engine he purchased to install in his vehicle. After carefully inspecting the casting numbers to insure that it was the correct engine for this application, Ed started to assemble a plan for the swap. He has first started by removing the exhaust manifolds, distributor, wires, and intake manifold. The manifolds will be cleaned and painted along with the engine block. 

1965 Corvette – NCRS Restoration

The newly rebuilt carburator for the 1965 Corvette arrived last week and Ed wasted no time getting it installed on the engine. Once he had the carb tightened down, he adjusted and fine tuned it to the engine. After installing the carb, he turned his attention to the wheels and tires. The tires on the vehicle when it came in were just generic radial white wall tires. Being that this is a NCRS restoration, the correct bias-ply tires needed to be installed. We located the correct Goodyear Power Cushion reproduction tires at Kelsey Tire. We also needed to locate a dated reproduction tar-top AcDelco battery, which we found with Antique Auto Battery

1967 Corvette Restoration

The owner of this 1967 Corvette came to us months ago with a pair of seats and a spare tire lid and v-bar. He requested that we recover the seats, refinish the spare tire lid & v-bar, then rivet the v-bar to the lid. After completing those tasks, he has now brought us the car for a complete restoration! 

Continuing to move….

Last week I posted a few pictures of the new parts department being set up. Things have rapidly progressed since then! The new parts department shelving units have all been installed and we have been moving parts by the giant cartload to the new location, 720 S. Hamilton. Fairly soon, we will be ready to move the sales counter along with all of the computers and phones. We can’t not wait to reveal the finished product to everybody!

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