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 Welcome to WEB WEDNESDAY!!

The day you get caught up on all things DYNAMIC CORVETTES!!!

As we all know, Corvette fans come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. A very good customer of ours shared this picture of their grandson. He already has one picked out!

Do you have any photos of your children, grandchildren, or family enjoying a Corvette? Send them to us with the subject “Corvette Fan” to DynamicCorvettes@gmail.com and we will feature your photo on an upcoming Web Wednesday!

Josh and Ed have really got the ball rolling on the 1978 Corvette Pace Car. After receiving, sandblasting, and repainting the frame, the guys started with hanging all of the brake and fuel lines. While Josh was hanging the new lines, Mark was sandblasting and refinishing all of the suspension pieces. As you can see, the control arms and sway bars look like they are brand new. Once all of the suspension was hung, the guys started to work on getting the engine, transmission, and rear differential installed. Previously, we removed the engine and sent the heads out to a local machine shop to be tested and rebuilt. The heads returned after a week, and are back on the engine. Josh then detailed the engine thoroughly, and refinished with Chevrolet blue engine enamel. Once the engine was completely reassembled, it was time to mount it back into the chassis. Everything is falling into place very nicely with this rebuild. By next week, we are expecting to start working on the body.

Cruising along on the 1960 Corvette Barn Car. Ed & the boys spent all last week sanding and filling. Checking all of the body lines and jams, then double checking all of the body lines and jams to insure that we have a perfect body. Afterwards, the car was pushed into the paint shop for a date with the paint booth. Tyler and Corey masked off the entire vehicle, and then applied a coat of primer and black guide coat.  The guide coat is used in the block sanding phase. Once all of the guide coat has been sanded off, you know you haven’t missed anywhere with the sanding block.

The other 1960 Corvette has been disassembled by Josh and has entered the paint stripping phase. We chemically strip the paint off to reduce the amount of physical labor required. The alternative to chemically stripping is to sand the paint off. Sanding can get very messy and is very time consuming due to only taking off small layers at a time. Chemically, we can strip that paint down to the fiberglass and scrape it off in one big swoop. Saving time and labor in the process, this also reflects on the cost to the customer which I am sure they appreciate. Afterwards, we will grind down all of the body seams and reinforce them with epoxy! Watch for that next week!

 Ed has begun to disassemble this 1974 Corvette for replacement fiberglass bumpers and a complete paint job. Once we removed the front bumper, we noticed that the headlamp support bar (also known as a “V-Bar”) was rusting and was not installed correctly by another shop. As you can see in the photos, all of the shiny sections are where the bar was bonded to the fiberglass when installed. All of the rusted sections are where the bar was not bonded to the vehicle, moisture was trapped in there and caused the bar to rust. We will be replacing the headlamp support and bonding it back in correctly so this will not happen again. After Ed gets the interior removed and the vehicle is masked off, we will be chemically stripping the paint off this one too!


Lastly from all of us here at Dynamic Corvettes, we wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for our families, our friends, our fantastic customers and especially Corvettes!


And speaking of turkeys, watch these two wreck their Corvettes on Thanksgiving. Nobody was seriously injured.

Have a great holiday!!

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