Web Wednesday – 11/25/15 – Happy Thanksgiving!

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Welcome to Web Wednesday!! 

Your digital outlet to Dynamic Corvettes!!


First and foremost, everyone here at Dynamic Corvettes would like to wish everybody a very happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. 


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^^Click play for a special message from Tom the Corvette Loving Turkey!!^^

Here at Dynamic Corvettes we are thankful for our great nation, the veterans whom have served us, our family and friends, and our customers!!


 1963 Corvette RestoMod

Corey and Steve were busting their humps last week to get the 1963 Corvette RestoMod in the booth for primer! First, Corey applied a black guide coat over the body edge so they could shape them to a fine point. Meanwhile, Steve was working on the modifications on the hood to allow a C5 type air cleaner to pass under the hood and over the radiator support. 

Once the body lines were perfect, Corey started to mask off the doors, and the interior of the body to prepare for the first application of primer. 

Check out the video below to watch the first coat of primer being applied!!

Now that the body and doors are in primer, Corey and Tyler got to work on sanding the door jams and getting the rest of the body sanded and refined.

Upon one of the test fits of the body on the new chassis, we discovered that the new drive shaft is slightly wider than the original and rubbing on the tunnel .Instead of removing a large section of the floor and console, Steve remembered that he had an old tunnel section from a C3 that would work perfectly! He pulled out the section, masked it off, and made a mold of the section we are going to replace. Once the resin cured, he removed the part, prepped it, and bonded the piece into the vehicle.

1960 Corvette

Ed is making more progress with the 1960 Corvette. He has gotten the entire dash wired up, the doors are installed along with windows and regulators. He has wet sanded, and buffed out the stainless steel trim on the deck lid and gotten that installed along with the new radiator. After he got everything wired up, he installed a brand new ACDelco 24 series battery and started to test his connections and the functions of the car. 

Check out the video below to see Ed testing the radio!

1954 Corvette

Tyler has been working hard on the 1954 Corvette getting all of the body perfect. He made the remark earlier this week that he was confident that he could have the car ready for primer by the end of the week! 


1959 Corvette

The 1959 Corvette is in a “holding pattern” right now as we wait for bonding strips. Our strips were shipped out late last week and are due to arrive any day now. Once the new bonding strips arrive, we can move forward with fitting and bonding the new rear end. 

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