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Happy Thanksgiving!


 From everybody at Dynamic Corvettes, we would like to wish everybody a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!


Check out this video from 2015 of the 1963 Corvette RestoMod going home for Thanksgiving!


1998 Corvette

Following up on the 1998 Corvette, Corey had removed the front bumper cover and was awaiting parts to repair the damaged front end pieces. While waiting for parts, he repaired a small fiberglass panel that partially holds the caliper cooling duct. He ground on the surface of the panel, fabricated a new fiberglass piece for the panel and bonded it in place. Afterwards, he installed the new parts that had come in and painted the front impact bar. After all of the damaged parts were replaced, fog light bulbs replaced, he reinstalled the front bumper cover and took the vehicle back to 308 N Hamilton for a good bath and storage for the winter. 

1984 Corvette

Ed has finished installing the new intake on the 1984 Corvette. After inspecting the customer provided exhaust headers, we noticed that they did not have the fittings for the A.I.R pump. We related the message to the owner whom agreed that the A.I.R. pump should be still hooked up to avoid any SERVICE ENGINE lights illuminating on the cluster. Steve contacted one of our suppliers that deals in aftermarket exhaust and obtained the correct headers for the vehicle. 

Feathered Visitor

Last week, while Junior was coming back from taking pictures at the shop he was stopped in his tracks by the majestic sight of a hawk perched on our fence. Armed with his camera, he captured this one photo.


1966 Corvette Convertible

Ed repaired the frame for the 1966 Corvette Convertible last week. He started first by cutting out the bad section of the frame along with the side rail end cap. He then used his grinder to dull down any sharp edges from cutting the section out. After grinding on the area and cleaning away the surface rust, he had a nice surface to weld on. He replaced the section and end cap and welded them in place. 

A Million Dollar Hot Wheels Collection

The other day, Steve came across this video of a man who collects Hot Wheels and his collection is well over a million dollars!

Check out the video below!

1964 Corvette Convertible

Sam has been busy with the 1964 Corvette Convertible replacing the fiberglass body panels were need and repairing cracks. After repairing and bonding in the tail light panel, he turned his attention to the passenger side lower fender and nose. With the fender and nose panels replaced, Sam will now do general body work to the vehicle to insure that all the body is perfect before applying the first coats of primer. 

New Parts Dept & Showroom

I can’t show much but I thought I would give everybody a small sneak peek of the new parts department being built at our new location, 720 S. Hamilton. We will be moving all of our aftermarket and GM stock to our new location very soon! Once everything is said and done, we will be sure to inform all of our loyal customers, new and old, of our new location where we may better serve everyone. 

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