Web Wednesday – 11/19/14

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Welcome to Web Wednesday!
The day you get to catch up on all things DYNAMIC CORVETTES!

Making more and more progress with the 1960 Corvette Barn Car every week! Still in the body fill & sand phase but quickly approaching the time to seal and prime. Here the guys are fitting the moldings and sanding the coves, door jams, and everything else to insure we have a perfect body! This is the most labor intensive part of the restoration process.


We have started to work on the 1962 Corvette by removing the front moldings and cataloging damage. After the front moldings came off, you can see all of the damage they were hiding. Steve is currently disassembling this vehicle and documenting all damage and needed parts. 


Moving along on the 1965 Corvette project as well. The interior has been removed. All exterior emblems, handles and mirrors are gone. Headlight buckets removed. Upon removing the headlight buckets, we discovered that the core support and headlight supports are all rusted out. Lots and lots to do still on this beautiful but rough car.


And we are making progress with the other 1960 Corvette. Josh has been working away at removing the interior, exterior handles & emblems, and all removable pieces. 



And lastly, the 1978 Corvette Pace Car’s new frame has arrived and boy does she look pretty. Josh has begun to hang the new fuel and brake lines. Before you know it, we will have a rolling chassis then onto body work!!

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