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New Windows!

The construction on Hamilton St is finally complete! After replacing all of our sidewalks, they resurfaced the road and applied a fresh layer of asphalt! Along with the new sidewalk and road, the front of our building got an update of new windows! 



August 2013


November 2016

 1984 Corvette

Corey and Sam have completed the body and paint work on the 1984 Corvette. Afterwards, they pushed the vehicle into the mechanical side of the shop for Ed to start installing upgrades to the customer’s engine. Ed is installing a new performance intake manifold, exhaust manifolds (headers) and a new “cat-back” system exhaust. He started first by removing the old intake manifold, scraping off the old gasket material and prepping the surface for the new gaskets and intake. Once the area was ready, he installed the new gaskets along with a bead of rubberized gasket maker. Be sure to check back next week to see everything else get installed. 

1958 Corvette

The 1958 Corvette had it’s dash pad replaced late last week, along with a new windshield frame and glass assembly. Ed and Corey then went thru the parts cart and started to reassemble the vehicle. 

 1987 Corvette

This 1987 Corvette came in with roof, door and door glass damage. Now you can’t even tell! 

1970 Corvette

This 1970 Corvette is being prepped for restoration. Corey and Mark stripped the entire body of paint, but the primer coat was being very difficult to remove. After more elbow grease and paint stripper, they finally got the body to where they want it. Corey went around the vehicle again and stripped out the tight hard to reach areas, while Mark disassembled the t-tops. After the t-tops were disassembled, Mark then started to strip the tail panel of paint.

1965 Corvette – NCRS

The 1965 Corvette NCRS restoration is coming along. As we are waiting for items to come back from the rebuilders, we have obtained the new tires for the vehicle. These are reproduction Goodyear Power Cushion tires that came with the vehicle when it was brand new. These tires are sized 7.75-15 and are bias ply with the correct width white wall.

1967 Corvette 

The owner of this 1967 Corvette said that the vehicle has not ran in years. It ran 10 years ago when the paint was stripped from the body. After sitting so long, it’s always worry-some about getting it running again. After removing and cleaning the spark plugs, pre-lubing the cylinder walls and getting fresh gas into the carb, the engine came alive and sounded strong! The owner would like to get it on the road again soon, so we will have to go through the powertrain, suspension, and brakes to make sure she is road worthy. In the meantime, we have ordered a replacement fuel tank, sending unit and straps. We will replace these items due to the originals being very rusty and unusable.

1964 Corvette

Sam has started to work on the 1964 Corvette project. A few areas on the fiberglass body needed to be addressed before we moved forward. Sam removed the taillight panel that was broken and mended many times and started to grind on the body seam for a clean finish. After cleaning his seams, he installed and bonded in a new taillight panel bonding strip. This strip will bond the rear deck panel to the taillight panel. Sam then turned his attention to the passenger side lower fender, which was extremely warped. After removing the fender and cleaning the area, Sam is now test fitting the fender for a perfect installation.

1969 Corvette

Progress on the 1969 Corvette RestoMod! Steve and Sam have been working together on the  1969 Corvette and have started to install the front inner fenders and radiator core support. They have also placed the new rear clip on the vehicle for fitting purposes.

1998 Corvette

Another late job came in last week! This 1998 Corvette has some body issues. The front fascia (bumper cover) is so close to the hood that the they rub against each other when the hood is opened. Underneath the front of the vehicle, the lower center air deflector has been shoved in and back, ripping the mounting holes. The skid bars have been mangled and pushed part of the fascia up. We have ordered a replacement skid bar assembly, center deflector and caliper vent duct to be replaced. Corey then removed the fascia to see about opening up the gap between the hood and fascia. He discovered that the metal retainer bar that holds the fascia was bent out of shape and was causing the panels to be so close. We will be replacing that retainer bar as well. Meanwhile, Corey has gone around the entire vehicle and polished the finish to remove some blemishes and bring back the shine. 

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