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November 10th – United States Marines Corps – 241st Birthday

This coming Thursday is the 241st birthday of the United States Marine Corps.
Check out the video below to see what the Marine Corps means to our men and woman in the Corps!


November 11th – Veterans Day

From us Veterans and Civilians at Dynamic Corvettes, we thank all Veterans for their service to help keep our country strong and free. To show our support, we regularly wear our red shirts on Friday to Remember Every Deployed. 

So please join us on Friday and wear red to show your support, and while you are at it, thank a veteran for his or her service and helping to retain our freedom!

1970 Corvette

The disassembly has begun on the 1970 Corvette! Mark quickly got to work removing the suspension and exhaust, followed by the interior and all body to chassis connections. Once the body was completely disconnected from the chassis, he removed the body bolts and lifted the body from the frame. The body was then placed on a Nolan Adams design body cart and rolled into the body shop for paint stripping. Corey then masked off the windshield and started to chemically strip the paint from the body. Being that this is a one-owner car, the paint was completely original. The original paint was easy to remove but the original primer is being difficult.

Lastly, we found the original build sheet for the 1970 Corvette still fixed to the fuel tank. I have adjusted the image colors and contrast to make it easier to read. 



1965 Corvette

The 1965 Corvette is in the home stretch. The new dated windshield is installed along with its stainless trim. Ed took the vehicle home this weekend to test drive and work out any bugs. He discovered a leak in the A/C system that we have to address along with a few minor problems. Upon bringing the vehicle back to the shop, he discovered that the STV valve for the A/C system was leaking. Currently, there are no replacements for these STV valves and they must be sent out for restoration. 

Watch as Ed drives the 1965 Corvette out of the shop on the first test drive since the frame off restoration.

1984 Corvette

The 1984 repair work happened quickly with both Sam and Corey tag teaming it. After the rear repairs were made, along with the repairs to the front spoiler, Corey got the vehicle into the paint booth and masked off all the areas not to be painted. He then applied his coats of base and clear. Sam then took over and wet sanded all of the newly painted areas. Once he was done wet sanding, he buffed and polished the new finish to a bright shine. Ed stopped by to assist Sam with installing the bumper cover back on the vehicle.

1987 Corvette

This 1987 Corvette is making it’s way through the shop quickly as well! After the old door skin was removed, Sam installed the new door skin and bonded it in place. After curing, Corey took the door over to the paint booth and painted the backside. The door was then reinstalled on the vehicle and the adjacent panels were prepped for blending. Corey rolled the vehicle into the paint booth and masked off the areas not to be painted. He then applied coats of base over the door, fender, hood and rear quarter to blend the new paint into the old. 

1958 Corvette

Ed has installed the new dash pad on the 1958 Corvette. Fairly soon, he will install the new windshield assembly and then start to reassemble the vehicle.

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