Web Wednesday – 10/8/14

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Welcome to Web Wednesday!
The day in which you get to peek in the digital window of Dynamic Corvettes!

Halloween season has come upon us and here at Dynamic Corvettes, we have gotten into the spirit of the holiday!


More projects have came in for this upcoming winter. Here are two Corvettes from one owner, a 1960 and a 1965. Both will be getting full restorations, with the possibility of one becoming a RESTO-MOD.

The 1960



The 1965




Ed has been cracking away at the white 1965 in the building. Installing the interior, preparing for the front and rear glass to be installed, and waiting for a correct grille to be delivered.

 The 1959 Corvette is getting an engine swap before it finally goes home. We are installing a GM Performance 350ci (290HP) long block engine for a little extra pep in this Corvette. It will be replacing a stock 283ci V8.


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