Web Wednesday – 10/7/15

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Welcome to Web Wednesday!
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Last week on Web Wednesday, we showed the 1963 Corvette RestoMod body getting placed onto it’s new SRIII chassis, but I failed to post some pictures of the engine and transmission installation. So here they are…

Some modification needed to be made to the transmission to allow it to properly mount. Ed and Brian had to cut off an un-needed mounting fin from the transmission case. Once the transmission was modified, it set in it’s new home perfectly. Afterwards, Brian took it home to install his chrome accessory pulleys and such over the weekend.

Al is making some more great progress on the 1954 Corvette! After gathering up all of the exterior moldings and trim, he started to fit and attach the trim to insure that the body lines flow perfectly with the trim. Once all of the body work has been completed, they will roll the vehicle into the paint booth, completely mask off the engine compartment, small holes, and cockpit, then apply a liberal coat of slick sand primer.

This 1961 Corvette came in a few weeks ago with leaks and engine idling issues. The leaks were all over the engine. Valve covers, oil pan, timing cover, rear main. Everything needed replacement. We found another leak coming from the steering gear box.

The engine did not want to idle when hot, which we found that the carbs were in terrible condition and needed to be refreshed and tuned.
After repairing all of the leaks, rebuilding and tuning the carbs, the 1961 Corvette has gone back home to its owner!


The 1962 Corvette has left the building! This was a great project. We completely removed all of the old “baby blue” paint from the body, quickly got to work on straightening out the body lines, followed by 2 coats of primer, a lot of sanding, then finally base coat / clear coat. Last Friday, the owner came by and picked up his “black beauty” and thoroughly enjoyed it over the weekend.

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