Web Wednesday – 10/29/14

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The red 1959 Corvette has left the building. The owner came up Saturday morning to pick it up and as you can see from the photo and the video below, he was all smiles!

A few months ago, we did interior work to a 1978 Corvette Pace Car. The owner was invited to an Invite-Only Car Show and was determined to win. Unfortunately, he never made it to that car show. While on the way, he was involved in an accident in the Metro Detroit area and totaled the vehicle. Never discouraged, the owner is determined to repair his Corvette back to it’s former glory.

We have started to disassemble the Pace Car. Previously we have removed the front clip, since it was only hanging by a thread after the accident, and the interior. First thing they did was removed the body and placed it on a body cart. After putting the rolling chassis back on the hoist, the guys started disassembling the suspension and preparing the remove the engine. After we have a bare frame we will put it on our Blackhawk Frame Bench and pull out the bends in the front.

 The donor frame for the 1965 Corvette has been completely disassembled and is ready to be taken to the acid dippers. Along with the frame, we will be taking a lot of suspension parts which will be used on the 1960 Corvette & the 1965 Corvette. We are continuing our search for a good donor frame for the 1960.

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