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1963 Corvette RestoMod

The Restomod is really beginning to take shape. Steve and Corey have been perfecting the body lines and making sure that the new inner fender close outs are beautiful and flawless. The owner took her home over the weekend and even put in a little elbow grease on the body. Steve started to create custom close out panels behind the inner fenders. Next step is to install the new rear tubbed out floor. 


1979 Corvette

This owner of this Corvette needed alot of attention, so he brought it to the experts! First thing we noticed was the headlight support v-bar was separating from the front end. After Ed replaced the V-Bar, Gary took over and started to rebuild the rear suspension. While disassembling the rear suspension, he noticed that the frame end caps right at the kick ups were completely rusted through. He removed the old rusty end caps and welded in new ones. After rebuilding the rear suspension and replacing other parts in the rear. Gary has moved onto getting the factory A/C functional again after someone cut all of the rubber hoses. He has replaced the cut hoses and is now moving onto charging and placing dye in the system to inspect for any other leaks. 



1954 Corvette

The 1954 is still coming along nicely. Corey has been making sure all of the body lines are straight, correct, and perfect before rolling her into the paint booth for an application of primer very soon. 


1960 Corvette

Ed is cranking away on the 1960 Corvette. With most of the interior installed, Ed moved onto the windshield in which he adhered on the new weatherstrip. He then took the windshield frame over to the polishing wheel and buffed it out to a brilliant shine. Once this was completed, he assembled the windshield frame around the windshield carefully and installed the entire assembly on the car. Since then, Ed had to push her off to the side and cover her up so he may work on other projects. 



1959 Corvette

This Corvette was brought to us from downstate. The owner has been trying to restore the car in his father’s honor but has ran into snags every which way.

He decided to bring it to THE CORVETTE EXPERTS, in which we noticed very quickly that the frame was not straight. The passenger side rear frame rail was lower and twisted inward to the center.
After locating a good used frame in Indiana, we have taken the good used frame to the acid dippers and A-coaters so the frame will have a factory style coating to protect from the elements.

Pictured below is the used frame fresh out of the acid bath, Ed starting to disassemble the original chassis to swap over onto the new. Once the engine was out of the chassis, Ed placed it on an engine stand so he could remove the oil pan. Upon the oil pan’s removal, Ed cleaned it entirely in the parts washer. He then removed the large dent, and began to refinish the exterior.



Storage season is here! Let us store your classic car, truck, or motorcycle over the winter so you don’t have to worry about it! Our storage facility is climate controlled, so you do not have to worry about the elements taking their toll on your ride!

Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles – Heated Storage Available – September 30th thru April 30th

Storage Prices
 Storage Package
Car or Truck
Outdoor / Cold :  NOT AVAILABLE
Indoor / Heated: 6 month (PREPAID)
$450.00 for 6 months $225.00 for 6 months
Indoor / Heated: 1 month (Month to Month Basis)
$100.00 per month $50.00 per month

** Sorry, no “trickle chargers” or “battery tenders” – All vehicles will have their battery disconnected once in storage **


Contact us at 989-249-1100 or 800-752-3188 for any questions!


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