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1969 Corvette Restomod

Sam is making progress with the 1969 Corvette Restomod project. He has uncrated the new Art Morrison chassis, and prepared the body to go on the new chassis. Upon removing the rear clip of the body, he noticed that it had once been in an accident in the driver side rear corner. The fiberglass in that corner was very thin and was reinforced with a sheet of steel and globs of body filler and resin. Sam removed the sheet of steel, and repaired the corner correctly. After wards, Ed and Sam worked together on getting the new body mount pockets installed.  

1964 Corvette Convertible

The owner of the 1964 Corvette Convertible dropped off his chassis the other day after performing the tasks he wanted to accomplish while the body was off. Next, the guys will reinstall the body to the chassis with a new body mount kit and shims then start performing body work.

1965 Corvette – NCRS Restoration

The 1965 Corvette is almost complete. Ed has finished all of the underbody work. He has reinstalled the exterior trim and installed the new exhaust system. We currently have a shaded, tinted, and date coded windshield on order for the car which will be replaced once it arrives. 

1966 Corvette Convertible

Corey started to disassemble the 1966 Corvette last week. After removing the exterior trim, he then moved on to the interior and the doors. Once the doors were completely disassembled, he removed the decklid, hood and convertible top. Currently, he is in the process of stripping the paint from the doors, hood and decklid before starting the body.

1964 Corvette Coupe

The 1964 Corvette coupe is making progress. The guys have finished stripping the paint from the body, then grinding out the seams and applying epoxy in the seams. Mark has removed the engine and transmission so they can be sent out to be rebuilt. 

1958 Corvette

We are almost finished with the paint work on the 1958 Corvette. Corey removed the vehicle gauge cluster, stripped the paint, primed and painted it a lovely glossy black. Soon, they will be installing a new dash pad along with a new windshield assembly before we return the vehicle to the owner to have the interior put in. 

1988 Corvette – Tire Replacement

The owner of this 1988 Corvette came in for some new tires. Ed has started to remove the wheels and start the tire changing process.  While the tires may look good and have plenty of tread on them, they are starting to crack due to age. After inspecting the tires, we found that they were 10 years old! Far too old to be safe anymore! Vehicle and tire manufacturers suggest to replace your tires every 6 years. There is no set “lifetime” of tires, a lot of things come into consideration such as driving habits, road conditions, and weather conditions that may extend or shorten the life span of a tire.

Curious to know how we know the age of these tires? It’s pretty simple if you know where to look!

On the side wall of the tire are a series of numbers and letters following the DOT stamping. The 4 digit code at the very end of the DOT codes is the tire production date code. As illustrated in the picture below, the first 2 digits is the week followed by 2 digits of the year the tire was made.


The code shows, 3315. This tire was made on the 33rd week of 2015, that roughly puts the production time around September of 2015. 

Want to read more about this? Swing over to Edmunds.com to read about “How Old and Dangerous – Are Your Tires?”

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