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Michigan Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall

Steve, Kathy, Ross and Cindy met up with the crew of the Michigan Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall at the American Legion Post 443 in Sanford, MI to present them with a donation from the proceeds of the annual car show, Old Town Motorfest

We thank these great men and women for the great work they do around the state for veterans.


 1965 Corvette – NCRS Restoration

Late last week, Ed got the finishing touches done on the 1965 chassis. Once the chassis was ready, we positioned it under the body and slowly lowered the body onto it. Once the body mount bolts were installed, Ed then moved to reassembling the vehicle. 



1964 Corvette

After stripping the paint from the 1964 Corvette Coupe, Corey went around the vehicle with his die grinder and ground out all of the factory body seams only excluding the driver front fender which we will be replacing. After grinding out the seams, he then masked off the seams and applied epoxy. Once the epoxy cured, he then removed the masking tape. We are currently waiting for the replacement fender and once it arrives, Sam and Corey can start performing body work.

1970 Corvette

The owner of this 1970 Corvette has owned the vehicle since it was brand new and brought it in to us for a full restoration. Be on the watch for this upcoming project on future WEB WEDNESDAYS!

1969 Corvette RestoMod Project

Now that the new frame has arrived for the 1969 Corvette Restomod, Sam and Corey have started to work on the body. They both removed the doors, gutted them, and chemically stripped the paint. Upon completion of the doors, Sam started to disassemble and detach the rear clip of the vehicle so we may replace it. 

1966 Corvette

We have started to disassemble the 1966 Corvette after inspecting the underside of the vehicle. This Corvette came all the way from Lindenhurst NY!! While performing our inspection, we also set plans forth to obtain the original hardtop for the vehicle. Once again, the hardtop was in New York. We contacted NAVIS Pack and Ship and they did are great job of picking up the hardtop, packaging it and then shipping it to us via YRC Freight. 



New Storefront
(Sorry about the mess)

If you have driven by our showroom lately, you might have seen that our windows have been removed and they are boarded up. For those who have been wondering, we have been in the process of repairing the storefront after some unfortunate damage. The front of the building’s foundation was crushed when construction workers were removing the old sidewalks. Since then, the mason has came out and repaired the brick damage. We have built a new footer for the windows and also framed in the old openings to allow slightly smaller and more energy efficient windows. We are currently waiting for another company to come and wrap the new wood footer with aluminum. Once the footer has been wrapped, the new windows will be installed. 

We are still open 7:30 to 4:30, Monday thru Friday and Saturday by appointment. 

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