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1965 Corvette

Ed and Mark A have started to strip the black undercoating on the 1965 Corvette. This undercoating was not on the vehicles from the factory. After removing the undercoating, Ed then sprayed the rocker molding retainers with a green chromate primer which is correct for the year. All of the underbody brackets were removed, blasted, primed and painted black. Ed has now turned his attention to the chassis and has started to install the new fuel and brake lines. 

1958 Corvette

The 1958 Corvette has been painted and she looks great! Corey applied the paint last week and started to wet sand and buff. This week he has been wet sanding the removable panels (i.e. decklid, trunk lid, etc) and then buffing them to a mirror like shine!


1964 Corvette

This 1964 Corvette is getting a complete strip and paint. Corey and Mark A started by roughing up the old paint and then masking. They roughed up the old paint with a course sandpaper, this allows the paint stripper to bite into the existing paint better. This makes removing the paint a lot easier. After the entire body was stripped, they rolled the body into the body shop and Mark A has continued to remove all of the residual paint.

1994 Corvette

This 1994 had some old and tired weatherstrips for the front and rear of the roof panel, along with the rear liftglass. Ed quickly removed the old weatherstrips then scraped off the old adhesive. He then installed the new weatherstrips with adhesive and let them cure for a day. 

1964 Corvette

This 1964 Corvette was in the process of being restored elsewhere and has ended up with us to complete. After inspecting the vehicle and taking inventory of the parts that came with the vehicle, we started to discuss with the owner a plan of action. 

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