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1974 Corvette

 Customer requested that we replace the carpet in his 1974 Corvette because of the musty rodent smell. We quickly ordered in the replacement carpet and started to remove the old carpet. Once the old carpet was out, Ed layed out the new carpet and installed it in the car with a spray adhesive.  

1958 Corvette

The 1958 Corvette is in the final stages before base and clear coats are applied. Corey spent most of the week wet sanding the last coat of primer and then setting it up on the hoist in the paint booth. Once in the paint booth, Corey cleaned all of the surfaces to be masked and then masked and bagged the entire vehicle. Once the vehicle was entirely masked off, he mixed and applied a sealer coat, followed by base and clear!

1965 Corvette

Ed has started to work on the 1965 Corvette NCRS Restoration. We previously did a non-NCRS frame on restoration on this vehicle. Since then, the previous owner sold the car and the current owner wants it to be NCRS. After the body was removed, Ed removed the front carpet to access rivets for mounting reinforcements under the vehicle. After he removed the underlayment and the rivets, the reinforcements were taken to our blast cabinet to be cleaned. Once the rust was removed, the reinforcements were then primed and painted. We have also started to remove the black paint under the vehicle to expose the natural fiberglass.

1964 Corvette

This 1964 is in the shop for a strip and paint! We will be addressing all of the body panel concerns while the paint is off as well. Ed, Corey, and Mark have removed the body from the chassis and have started to mask off the vehicle in preparation for paint stripping.

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