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C3 Bumper Installation Video

We have had many calls related to the video on YouTube from CSSB Inc. about installing a fiberglass replacement bumper on your C3 Corvette. To cover some things that we believe he missed for the installation, we have created one too! Just follow our step by step process and you will be fitting and installing your new fiberglass bumper like a pro!

Our front/rear bumper attachment kits are always IN STOCK  and only sold at Dynamic Corvettes!

Part #: DYN-01
Price: $49.95

Our front/rear bumper attachment kits are superior than the “other guys” in many ways.

1. Our kits include specialized hardware for bonding to fiberglass
2. The attachment stud is welded to the plate, not pressed through like the competition.  
3. 2 extra cavities on the plate for Duraglas to fill through and create a stronger bond to the bumper


(Left) DYN-01 (Right) "Other"

(Left) DYN-01 (Right) “Other”

Call 1-800-752-3188 or 989-249-1100 to order your kit today!

1964 Corvette

A good customer of ours was kind enough to bring over his original fuel injected 1964 Corvette Convertible. He has owned this car since it was brand new and has taken very excellent care of it! Hard to believe that it is a 52 year old car! And those miles are correct, 60,903 original miles!

1967 Corvette

Ed has been working on this 1967 Corvette 427 Tri-Power, first by replacing the front control arm bushings which were cracked and old. He replaced them with the correct style bushings on the top and bottom. He also replaced the front and rear brake backing shields which had been painted black. Working his way to the rear of the vehicle, he disassembled the rear suspension and rear spring. Once the rear leaf spring was apart, he cleaned and prepped it for paint, which then he coated with a light gray paint made specifically for the rear leaf springs. All of the removed hardware and suspension pieces were placed in our blast cabinet to remove rust and then cleaned, primed and painted the correct color. With the suspension work completed, Ed has now moved onto replacing the engine wiring and front lamp harness. This harness over the course of 49 years has been hacked and spliced in so many places, it was time for a direct replacement. 

1959 Corvette

 The 1959 Corvette has been painted! Corey spent last week wet sanding and buffing the new finish to a brilliant shine! 


1958 Corvette

The 1958 Corvette is having it’s second primer coat wet sanded before entering the booth for base and clear coats! 


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