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Corvette Crossroads 2016 – Mackinaw City, Michigan

Corvette Crossroads was over the last weekend and a couple of our good customers entered their cars for the show!

1978 Corvette Pace Car – Stock

If you remember a few years back, this vehicle was completely totaled. Now she is out winning shows!!

1978 Corvette – Customized

Steve and the Dynamic Corvettes crew customized and painted this vehicle over 20 years ago! It still looks great and the owner keeps winning shows! The owner takes excellent care of his vehicle!

 1974 Corvette

With the suspension work completed and the new fuel tank installed, Mark and Ed replaced the radiator core support which was rotting out from underneath. They then got the vehicle on the alignment rack and got the front and rear wheels aligned perfectly!

1965 Corvette

Steve started on the 1965 Corvette by installing the new underlayment and then sealing off the seams with foil tape. This left a nice clean look, which sadly, nobody will ever see again because it will be covered with carpet! After the underlayment was installed, Ed followed up with installing the new carpet along with a new headlight dimmer switch and accelerator pedal. 


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