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1977 Corvette

After owning this 1977 Corvette for 27 years, Derek Atkin has parted with his beloved.

Derek was an employee with Dynamic Corvettes and helped establish our presence on the internet. Derek is the one who first started DynamicCorvettes.com, and our eBay store.

We all respect him greatly for the sacrifices that he has made for the sake of his family.

Read about him parting with his car on CorvetteForum!

1967 Corvette

The owner of this beautiful 1967 Corvette brought it to us for a complete inspection. He has noticed some fluids on the floor of his garage and wants to repair the problem before it becomes more of an issue. While we had it in the air we also documented all of the issues we spotted on the suspension. Be on the look out for more of this car in the coming weeks!

1976 Corvette

The owner of this 1976 Corvette wanted us to get the engine running, replace the old worn out tires, correctly align the suspension, repair the power steering system and brakes. The brake issue was solved with a new proportioning valve. Ed then installed brand new 225/70R15 BFGoodrich Radial T/A’s on the wheels and got the front and rear aligned perfectly.

When moving onto the power steering system, the pump needed to be replaced and filled with fluid to get the system going. Once Ed started the car to test the power steering function, the steering wheel went crazy (see the video below). Upon first glance, it appears that the power steering hoses are installed correctly to the power steering valve. When inspected closely, we found that it had indeed been installed backwards, causing a hydraulic pressure feedback which then caused the wheel to shake like it did. To insure that everything was in good working order, we replaced the power steering valve and hoses with new and installed them correctly. 


1974 Corvette

The work continues on the 1974 Corvette. After Ed and Mark started to disassemble the rear suspension, they noticed the fuel tank was leaking. They quickly removed the tank so they could move forward with rebuilding the rear suspension which they needed to torch off some items to get them removed. Upon removal of the suspension pieces, things have been going together easily. Front and rear brake calipers have been rebuilt using the O-ring style seals from CSSB Inc. and all of the removed suspension parts that will be reused have been sandblasted, primed and painted for a clean and new look. They then reassembled the suspension using new trailing arms, and a complete front end rebuild kit by Lonestar Caliper

Mark has started to remove the rotted out radiator core support and side brackets so he can replace it with a brand new, quality made radiator core support from Coffman Corvette.

1968 Corvette

The 1968 Corvette’s new carburetor has been installed along with a new deeper air cleaner assembly and fuel lines from the pump to the carb. To solve a clearance problem of the air cleaner being too tall, we installed a 2 inch air filter element to bring the lid down and provide clearance to close the hood. Typically when replacing the carb on these models, you will need to also install a deep pan air cleaner assembly but with this vehicle also having a taller Edelbrock intake manifold we had to also reduce the size of the air filter. 

Currently, the steering column is apart while we await for a replacement turn signal switch. 

1978 Corvette

Customer brought us his 1978 Corvette with brake pulling issues. When the owner would press on the brake, the vehicle would pull sharply to the right. Usually we think that the brake calipers have failed and need to be rebuilt, but on this vehicle the calipers were dry and no leaks were found. The culprit, a collapsed front brake hose. We replaced both of the front brake hoses and that solved the problem. 

 1965 Corvette

Steve has been hard at work installing the under layment on this 1965 Corvette, preparing to install the carpet. After laying down the under layment, he then closed all the seams with foil tape for a nice clean look. 


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