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1963 Corvette RestoMod – “Split Decision”

Well the day has finally come, “Split Decision” a.k.a. the 1963 Corvette RestoMod has found a new home and owner. While we are sad to see it go after so many compliments from car show attendees and customers whom have seen it in our showroom, we are proud to have our hard work displayed elsewhere in this great country of ours! We hope the new owner enjoys this Corvette as much as we did helping the first owner create his vision.  


Last photo opportunity before the car is transported it’s new owner.  

(L to R – Corey (Painter), Steve (Owner of Dynamic Corvettes), Ed (Mechanical Tech – seated in vehicle), Mark, Jordan, Tyler (Body Tech), and Jim (Fiberglass))


1976 Corvette 

A few weeks ago, we featured this very same 1976 Corvette for a rear bumper replacement. The owner has been picking away at sections of the vehicle to be overhauled and rebuilt. First thing we did was attack the front suspension, braking system, and power steering. After Ed removed all of the original parts, he took them over to our blast cabinet. From there, “Mr. Sandman” a.k.a. Mark blasted all of the old paint and rust from the parts and hardware that could be reused. Once all of those pieces were properly cleaned, Mark then primed and painted the parts. 

While waiting for the suspension parts and hardware to return from Mark, Ed replaced the power steering valve, ram and hoses. Ed then started to rebuild the suspension and replacing the most worn out parts. He then rebuilt the front brake calipers with O-ring seal kits from CSSB Inc. which prevent the calipers from leaking while the vehicle is sitting over time and are far superior than the original double lip seals.

Check out what other Corvette owners are saying about installing o-ring seals in brake calipers!

After all of the suspension work was done, we addressed the very worn out clutch and leaking transmission. Once the transmission was out, Ed took it over to the parts cleaner bin and throughly cleaned all of the grime and built up grease from 40 years of being on the road. He then replaced the selector shaft seals, main side cover gasket and tail seal. Upon removing the clutch and flywheel, we found that the clutch was either the original from 1976 or a genuine GM replacement part due to the “GM” stamped in the rivets of the clutch. The clutch was so worn, it was started to wear off the heads of those rivets. We replaced the clutch with a quality aftermarket part, had the flywheel ground and reassembled. 

1974 Corvette

The owner of this 1974 Corvette is determined to get her on the road. We are starting with completely overhauling the brake and suspension systems as well as replacing the fuel tank. The vehicle appears to have sat for a very long time. 


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