Web Wednesday – 08/10/16

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Welcome to Web Wednesday!

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1980 Corvette

 Ed is continuing to assemble the 1980 Corvette with the parts provided. The exterior of the vehicle is just about finished.

Our C3 flower box

                                                           Our C3 flower box

1958 Corvette

Corey and Tyler have been working on the doors, decklid and trunk lid for the 1958 Corvette

1959 Corvette

Corey and Tyler have also been working on the doors, decklid, and trunk lid for the 1959 Corvette as well.

Our C6 rear end flower box

                                         Our C6 rear end flower box

1963 Corvette RestoMod

The 1963 Corvette RestoMod has returned to get her A/C charged. After the owner installed his Vintage Air system, he brought it to us to be charged. Ed evacuated the system then charged the system with R134a refrigerant. 

1977 Corvette

The owner if this 1977 Corvette stated that the engine was running very poorly and loud. Ed quickly discovered that the exhaust manifold gasket provided with the manifolds had failed. He has ordered a brand new quality gasket so this problem will not occur again.

1976 Corvette

Ed has started to disassemble the front suspension and brakes on this 1976 Corvette. He will remove all of the reusable items for Mark to take over to the blast cabinet and remove all of the surface rust. Once the rust is gone, Mark will prime and paint the parts so they appear to be brand new again. 

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