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Steve and Tyler have been working together on the XL57. Fitting the taillights and headlight buckets, fabricating custom rear bumpers, working on convertible top mounting, and mounting the grille surround. 

Want to see the XL57 for yourself? 

Dynamic Corvettes will be showing the XL57 at the upcoming 48th Annual Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky on August 3rd – 6th!

Stop by, sit in the XL57 and talk with Steve!


1969 Corvette RestoMod

Jim and the fiberglass crew have been busy getting the new molds ready to make parts. After making the very first 68-69 L88 Flared front clip, they removed the molds to find a perfect part! Minimum mold parting lines and consistent thickness. Check out the video below to watch the first part pulled from the mold!

1966 Corvette

Ed has been working hard on getting the 1966 reassembled for delivery! He has reinstalled the Vintage Air heater and AC box and begun to wire in the system. He has also installed the new grille which was purchased from General Motors, along with the dash, and door latches. Meanwhile, Jordan assisted Ed by scraping off old jute padding from the rear interior. Corey came over and started to mask off the storage compartments to black them out. 

1967 Corvette – Lola

Duane and Corey wet sanded and buffed the 1967 and she/he is standing tall! With Ed reassembling the 1966 Corvette, Duane and Corey took it upon them selves to start assembling the 1967. They masked and bagged the body to black out all of the underside areas and behind the grille. Once everything was blacked out, the taillights were installed along with the wiring. Duane then turned his attention to assembling the headlight buckets and motors. Meanwhile, Tyler has started to install the final set of weatherstrips to the doors.

1972 Corvette – LT1

This 1972 Corvette is getting the full frame off restoration! The guys started by giving the vehicle a bath and looking over the vehicle. Terry moved it onto his hoist and began to disassemble the suspension and prepare to remove the body. After getting everything disconnected, the body was first to be removed, followed by the engine and transmission. The body was placed on a body cart, while Terry continues to disassemble the suspension on the chassis. Once the chassis is completely disassembled, it can be acid dipped and a-coated for a factory-like appearance and protection.

1977 Corvette

The owner of this 1977 Corvette stated that the engine was not timing right, heard a clunk every time the accelerator was pressed and was leaking oil from the valve covers. Todd quickly got to work and determined that the distributor hold-down was the issue. After replacing the hold-down, the engine timed correctly and held that timing. Upon inspection underneth, Todd found that the vehicle had an aftermarket crossmember installed to support an aftermarket 700 transmission. After carefully looking at the mounting of these aftermarket items, he determined that the clunk was caused by the torque of the engine causing the transmission to lightly clunk on the crossmember. Todd removed a bolt boss from the transmission, shimmed the transmission and the clunk went away. 


1966 Corvette

This 1966 Corvette hasn’t ran in 6 years and boy did Mother Nature take her toll. The owner is determined to get her back on the road! Keep an eye out for this project in the coming weeks!

1974 Corvette

Todd and Terry have repaired the front suspension on the 1974 Corvette. After getting the suspension reassembled, they put the vehicle on the alignment rack and made sure that the front suspension was within specs. Satisfied with the alignment, they test drove the vehicle to find that the noise was gone. The vehicle was then passed along to Nathan and he gave it a bath before the owner took delivery.

1977 Corvette

The owner of this 1977 Corvette just had the vehicle transported a great distance. When the vehicle arrived, it was found that the suspension on the right rear had come apart. The owner had it sent to the EXPERTS, which we quickly determined what happened and how to repair the issue. Steve and Todd put the vehicle on the alignment rack and gave it a through inspection. Afterwards, Junior wrote up a complete estimate for the repairs and emailed it to the owner. 

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