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1965 Corvette

Ed has began to work on the 1965 Corvette. First by replacing the engine rear main seal, transmission throw out bearing and then making sure the parking brake system was routed correctly. The customer requested that we install all of the underside brackets for the vehicle, upon inspection, we realized that we would need to remove the body to install a few brackets that were missing. Ed and Steve got the body disconnected from the chassis they noticed that something was wrong with the body mounts. As you can see in the photograph, the #2 body mount bracket welded to the frame is shorter than the others. This is incorrect and is causing the body to sit crooked on the frame. Ed removed the old bracket and installed the correct ones in the correct positions and also removed and adjusted the #3 body mount bracket to be completely even with #2. He then reinstalled the body to the chassis. After installing the body mounts and shimming the body correctly, he then went around the vehicle with his tape measure to insure the body was sitting evenly on the chassis. 

1959 Corvette

The 1959 is in the booth again! This time for base coat and clear coat! Corey masked off the entire car, followed by mounting all of the removable panels on our new painting fixture. This fixture allows Corey to apply a coat, then flip over the part with ease so he may continue to apply more coats. After applying the coats of base, Corey then started to lay on the clear. 

1958 Corvette

Tyler and Corey are continuing to perfect the body of the 1958 Corvette. 

1976 Corvette

Tyler is also working on this 1976 Corvette rear bumper. After fitting the bumper to the vehicle the best he could, Corey took the bumper into the paint booth and applied a liberal coat of primer. Tyler then wet sanded that primer to get a smooth glass-like texture, followed by Corey taking the bumper into the booth and applying base color and clear.


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