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Steve and Tyler have been working on the XL57 lately and trying to tackle a few obstacles.  First, Steve and Jon Hall discussed convertible top mounting locations for the best fit and still allow the top to fold correctly and efficiently into the storage space. Afterwards, Steve and Tyler started to grind and fit exterior trim items starting with the rear tail lights. Tyler then started to cut out the headlight holes so Steve could bond in the headlight bucket supports and then install the headlight buckets.


1969 Corvette RestoMod

While the new front and rear clips are being made, Duane has started to fit and install the new C3 Firewall Close-Out Panel. He started by removing all of the metal brackets and tabs on the firewall. These brackets and tabs will be in the way of the new close out panel. After removing the items, Duane went over the entire firewall with sandpaper and roughed up the surfaces for maximum adhesion when bonding. Steve stepped in and assisted Duane with closing off the little holes that litter the firewall, then assisted with trimming and dry fitting the close out panel to the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the front clip mold has been completed and gotten ready for the first clip to be made! Jim is laying down the gel coat in preparation for laying down fiberglass mat next!


1966 Corvette

Ed is continuing to assemble the 1966 Corvette Convertible. He has installed the headlight doors and headlights. Afterwards, Ed turned his attention to the interior firewall in which he insulated with jute padding. He installed the rear bumpers on the vehicle and started to install the new electrical harnesses for the body and engine. Ed has also started to clean the parts and assemble the doors. 

1972 Corvette

Terry has removed the body from the chassis on the 1972 Corvette. Last week, Terry and Ed disassembled the donor frame and now the body waits for the donor frame to be ready. Meanwhile, we have ordered new fuel and brake lines for this vehicle and await their arrival.

1967 Corvette

Corey and Tyler have started to wet sand the new finish on the 1967 Corvette after painting the awesome looking “stinger” on the hood and nose. Fairly soon, they will be buffing out the paint and it will be sent back to the mechanical shop for reassembly!

1984 Corvette

Repairs on the 1984 Corvette have been completed and boy was the owner happy to have her back! After removing the interior on the passenger side, Duane removed the rough torn edge on the fiberglass floor. He then carefully bonded in a section to create a new edge for the area and then bonded that to the rest of the floor. Once all of Duane’s repairs were completed, he applied new undercoating and painted the area black. 

1970 Corvette

Corey and Tyler have gotten the 1970 Corvette covered in base and clear and she looks awesome! After letting the vehicle rest for a day in the booth, Corey and Tyler then moved the vehicle out of the paint booth and to the body shop hoist to start wet sanding.

1982 Corvette

This 1982 is new to the owner. It was just purchased a week ago and the owner knew he had to have the EXPERTS check it out. Last week, we replaced the tires and a few other small items. To finish off the project, Todd removed the center gauge cluster so he could install the customer supplied radio. Due to the vehicle having an aftermarket radio previously installed, Todd had to replace the small gauge bezel. While the bezel was being replaced, we took it upon ourselves to replace the lens and printed circuit. Todd then installed everything back into the vehicle and tested it’s function. Afterwards, Todd replaced the door main weatherstrips which were practially gone and only half of the original weatherstripping still attached. We noticed the rear view mirror mounting gaskets were installed incorrectly so Todd corrected them. Upon performing a rear alignment, we noticed that previously someone had tried to perform an alignment but failed horribly. The shims were all bent up and the trailing arm bushings were installed incorrectly. Todd disassembled the rear suspension and replaced the needed bushings. After reassembly, he was able to get the rear suspension to align perfectly. 

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