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Big People – Big Tires – With A Convertible Top = NO PROBLEM!

The XL57 is Dynamic Corvette’s offering to the people which can not fit in their favorite Corvette body style, the C1. With over 36 inches of modifications, this is the Corvette for big & tall men and women. 

A completely customizable build. You pick the engine, transmission, rear differential, exterior and interior colors, and accessories (A/C, Power Steering, etc) and the car is built to your exact specifications.

Minimal body work needed! This vehicle already has the speed junkie in mind. Rear wheel wells can accommodate up to a 10 inch wide tire and still have room to put down the convertible top and a set of golf clubs in the trunk. 


Last weekend, the XL57 made it’s first public debut at the Good Guys PPG Nationals in Columbus, OH and we were overwhelmed with the positive reception we received! We met with and discussed the vehicle with so many people, we do not think we have ever talked so much in one day. 

As we continue to refine and complete the final touches on the XL57, we will be posting updates EVERY Wednesday!

Click here to learn more about the XL57

Straight out of the mold – No body work performed or needed


A Special Thanks to Jon from Shadow Rods



I sincerely extend my gratitude to you for everything you have shared with me. Coming from over 50 years of experience in the street rod market, that we together brought into the Corvette world, so we can fit in these little cars. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, but we accomplished it!


Thank you Jon!


~ Steve Snow

President – Dynamic Corvettes



1969 Corvette RestoMod

Jim and Zac continue to build the molds for the 1969 Corvette RestoMod project! As they make the big molds, they have finished some of the smaller molds and begun to make new parts from them. 

1966 Corvette

The 1966 Corvette is painted, wet sanded, buffed and polished to a shine! It has been now rolled over to the mechanical side for reassembly. Ed started by first masking off the vehicle and blacking out the fender vents, wheel wells, front end, and wiper vents. After blacking out these areas, he removed his masking and turned his attention to the headlights. 

Meanwhile, Corey was in the booth with the hardtop getting it sealed, based and cleared. 

1970 Corvette

The 1970 is the next vehicle for the paint booth. After carefully sanding the entire vehicle to refine and sharpen the body lines, Corey and Tyler have started to mask the body again so it may be rolled into the paint booth for sealer, base and clear! It will be returning to it’s factory blue color.

1964 Corvette RestoMod

Ed has started on the 1964 Corvette RestoMod project! After getting the body in the air and giving it a good wipe down, they moved it to the fiberglass shop and rolled the new chassis underneath. After cutting out the old rear floor and placing in a tubbed out rear floor, Ed lowered the body onto the chassis. After doing some slight adjustments and modifications, he got the body to sit nicely on the chassis. He took measurements all around the vehicle to insure that the body was sitting on the chassis correctly and evenly. With the assistance from Todd, they installed the body mounts and body bolts and tightened them down.

Meanwhile, Nathan is sanding the new one piece flared front end for the project. 

1981 Corvette

Work on the 1981 Corvette continues. After rebuilding the suspension and replacing the cam, Todd and our newest mechanic Terry installed the new exhaust system. This exhaust system is a true dual exhaust with a set of Magnaflow mufflers. With the combination of the camshaft and the new exhaust, the engine will be running a lot stronger now!

1968 Corvette

The owner of this 1968 Corvette wants to drive his car but unfortunately the taillights and speedo are not functioning. After testing driving the vehicle a few times, the guys determined that the speedo gauge itself was faulty. Todd removed the original speedometer and replaced it. He then reinstalled the speedo in the vehicle and test drove again and reported that the issue was resolved. 

To get the taillights to function again, we advised the customer that we would require a new rear taillight harness due to the corroded nature of the original. Once the new harness arrives, Todd will get it installed and get these brake lights to shine again!

1967 Corvette – “Lola”

With Lola fresh out of the paint booth, Corey turned his attention to the hardtop. After performing some brief body work, Corey moved the hardtop in to the booth. He then applied a coat of sealer and then coats of base and clear. The next step will be to wetsand the hardtop, followed by buffing and polishing to a brilliant shine.

1977 Corvette

The owner of this 1977 Corvette stated that he was seeing leaks on his garage floor. After putting the vehicle in the air, Terry determined that the oil pan and timing cover gaskets had failed and were causing the leak. After estimating the cost for the repair and contacting the customer, Terry moved forward with replacing the oil pan and timing cover gaskets.

While disassembling, Terry stated that the stud on the starter solenoid was broken free and spinning freely with his wrench. In order to get the starter removed, he had to break off that stud. We quickly contacted the owner and let him know of the situation. After discussing whether replacing just the solenoid or the entire starter, the owner decided an entire starter would be the best way to go. 

1964 Corvette Convertible

At the end of June, an owner came and picked up his 1964 Corvette Convertible to complete the project at home. Two and a half weeks later, he has gotten the car completed and provided these photos for us to share! 

She looks great Bob! Thank you for allowing us to help you restore your 1964!

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