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1965 Corvette

Previously, we did a frame-on restoration for the previous owner of this 1965 Corvette. Since then, that owner sold the vehicle and the current owner is having us go over the rest of the car that we did not do and make it an NCRS Show Car!

Steve and Ed first de-trimmed the vehicle, removed all of the bumpers and electrical connections to the body from the engine. Once the chassis was disconnected from the body, they prepared the body cart and lifted the body off with the hoist. After moving the chassis and lowering the body on the body cart, they removed the engine and transmission so they may be rebuilt and detailed.

1958 Corvette

Tyler is continuing to repair and shape the 1958 Corvette. He has started to fit the front grille moldings so they fit perfectly after the vehicle is painted.

 1979 Corvette

 Steve has removed the entire interior from this 1979 Corvette that came in with mice damage. With all of the carpet and interior trim removed, Steve has started to transfer some items from the original dash to the new dash before installation.

1976 Corvette

The owner of this 1976 Corvette couldn’t tell how fast he was going! Simple fix for the experts at DYNAMIC CORVETTES!

Ed quickly recognized the problem, a sticky speedometer cable! We installed one we had in stock and sent the customer on his way!

1959 Corvette

Tyler and Corey are still sanding the body of the 1959 to insure perfection before sealer and then base and clear coat!


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