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Dynamic Corvettes and Shadow Rods of Saginaw, MI have come together to design, build and offer the ULTIMATE RESTOMOD example of a true American icon. The XL57 celebrates yesterday’s styling, today’s manufacturing technologies and the future of real world comfort.

From 5′ 6″ to 6′ 5″, the XL57 is developed with you in mind.


  • A maximized occupant cabin with extra leg room, extra seat room, extra head room and total in car comfort
  • Superior body quality using vacuum infusion processing to provide all exposed surfaces to a fully finished appearance
  • Completely redesigned underbody, capable of most small-block and big-block GM engines, most GM electronic automatic transmissions, and various original and aftermarket front and rear suspensions.
  • Uniquely designed chassis for accepting the above available options and also maximizing on interior room. Different wheel and tires size packages available while retaining the ability to store a soft convertible top in the original storage location.
  • Body is designed to be compatible with most original and aftermarket interior and exterior parts and trim.

Read more about creating the XL57..


The XL57 will be making it’s public debut at

Goodguys 20th PPG Nationals

Ohio Expo Center

717 East 17th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43211

July 7-9, 2017





Another “Drive Your Corvette To Work Day” has hit the history books and we saw a lot of Corvettes on the road in the morning and evening. Here at Dynamic, Kathy and Melanie drove their Corvettes to work too. 

1969 Corvette RestoMod

More molds have been completed for the 1969 Corvette RestoMod project! The first 2 photos are of the rear valance panel mold and the last 3 are for the front chin spoiler/splitter. With these molds completed, Jim and the boys can move on to other molds for the build of the 1969. Once all the molds are complete, we can then make new fiberglass parts from these molds to install on the vehicle. 

1981 Corvette

With all of the suspension and engine work completed on the 1981 Corvette, Todd is buttoning up a few things and getting ready to install a new radiator and exhaust system. He started by test fitting the new exhaust headers and seeing what items needed to be relocated or rerouted for the headers to mount correctly and safely. After rerouting a few wires, Todd installed the new headers and started to assemble the rest of the engine accessories. 

1968 Corvette

The owner of this 1968 Corvette stated he had no taillights and could not figure out why. So he brought it in to the EXPERTS! We quickly determined that the rear lamp harness was damaged and had been spliced and repaired so many times before that it was due for a complete replacement harness. Along with replacing the harness, Ed and Todd will also be replacing the tail light housings which are corroded and do not allow the harness to ground properly.

Another issue the owner wanted addressed was the inoperable speedometer. After getting the speedo to function with a spare speedo gear, Ed noticed that it was slightly off. Speedo would show a slower speed then they were actually traveling. To make sure that the speedo head itself was not the issue, Ed and Steve connected a spare speedo cable to a spare speedometer and test drove again. With the spare speedo showing the same difference in speeds, they became confident that the speedo driven gear is incorrect and needs replacement. 

1966 Corvette

After spraying on the base and clear, Corey & Tyler started to wet sand the new finish. After wet sanding, Corey, Tyler and Duane started to buff out and polish the new finish to a mirror like shine. 

1992 Corvette

The 1992 Corvette had it’s convertible top replaced and still needed the body weatherstrips to be replaced. Ed started at the front windshield weatherstrip by removing the weatherstrip and all of the old adhesive still stuck to the windshield. After this adhesive was scraped off, he applied a bead of the same adhesive and started to install the weatherstrip. As he installed the weatherstrip, he was sure to press the weatherstrip into the front and rear channels of the weatherstrip retainer. This will ensure good contact with the convertible top and with the adhesive he applied. Afterwards, he turned his attention to the decklid and doors and replaced their weatherstrips as well. Once finished, Tony and Nathan took the vehicle outside and completely detailed the interior and exterior before the customer takes delivery.

1984 Corvette

This 1984 Corvette came in with a misfiring problem. He had headers installed recently and the spark plug was grounding on the header pipe. Ed did some research on the problem and determined that the solution was shorter spark plugs. He ordered a set, quickly got them installed and replaced the burnt spark plug boot. After wards, he took the vehicle for a test drive and concluded that the plugs solved the problem. 

1966 Corvette

Todd has removed and replaced the fuel tank on the 1966 Corvette. Before installing the new tank, he flushed out the fuel lines with a can of carb cleaner and replaced all of the rubber hoses that were weather-checked. He then installed the fuel tank, followed by a new fuel tank sending unit and an original rebuild fuel pump. Previously, Todd removed the carburetor and we sent it off to our restorer in Florida. Once the carb returns, Todd will install it back on the engine, install new fuel filters and give it the first start up.


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