Web Wednesday – 06/28/17

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Join your fellow Corvette brothers and sisters by DRIVING YOUR CORVETTE TO WORK on June 30th!

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1969 Corvette RestoMod

The molds for the front clip, rear clip, and front splitter are done! Soon, Jim and the guys can crack open the mold, remove the plug and start making a new part! This is very exciting and I will be posting shots of the new parts being made and coming out of the molds in the next few following weeks!

1964 Corvette RestoMod

Work has begun on the 1964 Corvette RestoMod project! Mike and Tony went through the body and removed the last of the wiring that was still remaining and prepped for mating the body to the new chassis! After the body is mounted to the chassis, body work can begin!

1967 Corvette – “Lola”

Lola was rolled into the booth late last week and got her coats of Marina blue base and clear and she looks great! The next step will be to wet sand everything followed by buffing and polishing to a mirror-like shine.


Check out the video below of Steve touring the paint booth after the vehicle was completely painted.

1970 Corvette

Duane, Corey, Tyler and the boys have been working on the 1970 Corvette. They have been working on getting the final sanding finished before rolling it into the paint booth for base and clear!

1981 Corvette

This 1981 Corvette came in needing a full suspension rebuild. After going over the vehicle with the owner, he decided to go ahead with the repairs. Ed and Todd wasted no time disassembling the suspension and getting to work rebuilding and replacing the needed parts. Along with a suspension rebuild, the owner wanted to beef up the engine a little bit. We checked the compression on the engine and determined it was still in great shape. Upon receiving the new 350 hp camshaft, Ed and Todd disassembled the top end of the engine and replaced the cam shaft with no additional problems. As they reassemble the engine, they patiently wait for the new exhaust to arrive.

1966 Corvette

This 1966 Corvette is in dire need of a fuel tank. The original fuel tank was full of rust scale and floating rust particles, some of which might of made it’s way to the fuel pump and carburetor. We have removed the fuel tank and soon Todd will flush out the fuel lines and clean the carb as best as he can. 

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