Web Wednesday – 06/21/17

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1969 Corvette RestoMod

The 1969 Corvette RestoMod’s front and rear clips have been gel coated and are ready to start having fiberglass laid to complete the mold making process. Meanwhile, the new front bumper mold is half completed and will need to be flipped and the backside done. 

1966 Corvette

Corey and Tyler have been busy working on the 1966 Corvette by wet sanding and buffing the new finish. With the technique they learned from the PPG representative, they are both very happy with how well the finish comes out after buffing and polishing. Once they are have completed this task, the vehicle will be rolled over to the mechanical shop to be completely reassembled.

1964 Corvette

Ed has completed his tasks for the 1964 Corvette and the owner plans on finishing this restoration by himself at home! Once we get photos of the finished vehicle, we will be sure to post them!

1970 Corvette

The 1970 Corvette is out of the paint booth with it’s second coat of primer applied! It will now await it’s turn to be sanded and then prepped for base and clear!

1964 Corvette

Ed and Todd tag teamed the last bit of work on the 1964 Corvette. The new carpet is now installed, along with the door panels and seats. The vehicle was then moved over to the wash bay and detailed inside and out before the owner takes delivery. 

1978 Corvette

This Corvette was sitting in it’s garage when it happened. The rear glass just shattered with no explanation why. The owner knew he had to take it to the EXPERTS to have the rear glass replaced. 

Mike started by applying tar paper to the shattered window, this prevented the glass from breaking apart and going everywhere. While Mike removed the glass, Tony started to vacuum out the random shards that have littered the interior. Mike then began to cut out the old window adhesive in preparation for the replacement glass. Upon removal of the old glass, Mike replaced the window molding clips and laid down a bead of adhesive. With assistance from Tony, he installed the replacement back window, detailed the excessive adhesive and allowed it to cure. 

1967 Corvette

Meet our newest team member in the body shop, Duane. After meeting the crew and getting caught up to speed on the projects, he  started to wet sand the second primer coat on the 1967 Corvette to get it ready for base and clear. After tag teaming the vehicle with Corey, Duane and Corey moved the vehicle into the paint booth for the first coats of base!

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