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First we would like to offer our condolences and deepest sympathy to the entire Paragon Corvette Reproductions family.
We are sorry for your loss. 


Click here to read Mr David Jones’ obituary.

1965 Corvette

Steve has pulled the 1965 Corvette into the shop and is going to start removing parts so we may perform our frame work. 

1958 Corvette

 Tyler is continuing to perfect the 1958 Corvette body. He ground out a crack in the front end and filled it with a bonding strip and some Duraglass filler. 

1987 Corvette

We replaced the weak and slow window regulators with the updated style from the 1988+ Corvette, lubed the door locks and replaced the seat covers and foam.

1954 Corvette

The owner of the 1954 Corvette has taken delivery of his beautiful car. After months of body work and getting the body perfect, Corey got the entire vehicle painted. Afterwards, Tyler and Corey tag teamed the wet sanding and polishing duties to give it a mirror like shine. 

1993 Corvette

The owner of this vehicle was having battery issues. After pulling the vehicle out of storage, the vehicle would not start. The owner charged the battery and the vehicle started but would not run for long. Once the vehicle was towed to us, we charged up the battery and tested it. Battery was good. Removed the alternator and tested it’s function. Alternator was bad. 

We replaced the alternator, double checked the charging system to insure everything was working properly and returned the vehicle to the owner. 

 Storing Your Corvette

Every Fall/Winter we try to stress how important it is to protect your vehicle while in storage. This Spring we have more examples of WHY it is so important to protect your vehicle in storage from…




Rodents LOVE to make your speed machine it’s brand new and cozy apartment. They will wreck havoc on your electrical wiring and tear up your carpet underlayment. We highly suggest that all classic car owners take the following steps when putting their vehicle away for storage.

1.  Clean out the vehicle thoroughly – Mice love our crumbs on the floor and emergency snacks that we might hide in the vehicle for car shows.

2. Store your vehicle in a heated space – Storing your vehicle in a heated garage or pole barn reduces the moisture in the air and also discourages mice from seeking a warmer home

3. Place multiple traps in your storage space – Whether they are live traps, sticky traps, snap traps, or poison. It is VERY important to take the extra step in preventing mice from entering your vehicle. 

Mice can cause thousands of dollars in damages to your classic car. Thousands of dollars you may have to pay out of pocket, or put a claim on your insurance. So next winter, take those extra steps and invest in traps or poison, stop those mice in their tracks!!

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