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This week’s Web Wednesday is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Ralph Eckler, one of Steve’s mentors.

Click here to read Mr. Eckler’s obituary.ecklers



Welcome to Web Wednesday!

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1965 Corvette


A few years ago we performed a “Frame-On” restoration on this 1965 Corvette. Check out the work by clicking here. Unknown to us, but the owner of this vehicle intended to sell the vehicle. We were quite surprised when we received a phone call from a gentleman out west that stated he recently had purchased the car and wanted us to bring her up to “NCRS” standards. Happy to oblige, we contacted Reliable Carriers and had the vehicle transported to us. Check back weekly for updates!


1954 Corvette

The 1954 is finally in base and clear! And she looks great! Now Corey and Tyler will wet sand the finish and then polish to a brilliant shine!

1958 Corvette

Tyler and our new fiberglass guy Jim, have been working on the 1958. Continuing to perfect and shape the body along with repairing any cracks or broken bonds. 

1977 Corvette

The owner of this 1977 was no longer happy with the condition of his interior, so he brought it to the EXPERTS! After discussing options with the owner, we decided to replace the carpet, seat covers, and door panels. After removing the seats and carpet, Steve installed new underlayment on the floor of the body. This underlayment will reduce the amount of engine noise and heat from the exhaust that leaches into the cabin. While the seats were being re-covered at the interior shop, Steve started to install the new black carpet and removed the door panels. Once the carpet was in, the seats were reinstalled, and door panels installed. 

The customer stated, “It’s like a brand new car!”

1976 Corvette

This 1976 has come in for a complete inspection and rear bumper replacement. Steve and Ed will put the vehicle on the hoist and inspect her from tip to tip. 

2007 Corvette

The owner of this 2007 Corvette wanted a more “throaty” sound coming from his exhaust. He provided a complete exhaust system from Kooks. Ed installed new headers, converters, and mufflers. Now that the exhaust is installed and hung, the vehicle has moved into the paint shop, which Corey will paint a new exhaust bezel with “Hot Rod Black” and then install on the rear bumper cover.

1968 Corvette

A new customer brought in her 1968 Corvette for us to inspect! She is a first time Corvette owner and wants to be sure the vehicle is in tip-top shape for the summer!

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