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Welcome to Web Wednesday!

Your weekly digital outlet to Dynamic Corvettes!


Delta College TV station is looking for Vietnam War veterans who want to share their story for a documentary.
The number to call is 989-686-9569 or email Robertprzybylski@delta.edu

1999 Corvette

The owner of this 1999 Corvette wanted some more rumble and exhaust tone out of his C5. He was thinking Flowmaster or Borla before we suggested BILLY BOAT exhaust. Once he heard the sound of a Billy Boat exhaust, he had to have it. After obtaining the pipes, Ed and Todd quickly removed the old mufflers and installed the new muffler eliminator pipes. After making sure the tips were even, they tightened down the clamps and flanges.  The owner was ecstatic with the new sound his Corvette had! 


Listen to the difference yourself! 


Want a set for your C5 or C6? 
Stop in or give us a call for a quote!

1969 Corvette RestoMod

Jim and Zac have continued to build the molds for the 1969 Corvette RestoMod project. 

1979 Corvette

The owner of this 1979 Corvette drove all the way from Fort Wayne, Indiana to bring his car to THE EXPERTS! After lifting the vehicle in the air with our drive on hoist, we saw that just about every suspension bushing needed to be replaced along with ball joints. Ed, Todd and Greg quickly got to work first by disassembling the suspension and start replacing bushings.


1964 Corvette

Ed is continuing to assemble the 1964 Corvette convertible. After getting the carpet installed, he has turned his attention to mounting the doors then assembling the window regulators, etc. The owner of the vehicle stopped in Friday morning and brought us a lovely gift of COPS & DOUGHNUTS
Thank you!

1967 Corvette

The 1967 Corvette is out of the booth with a fresh coat of Slick Sand primer. While Sam is beginning to sand the primer coat, Corey is masking the doors and installing weatherstrips. Once the weatherstrip adhesive has cured, they can install the doors and begin to block sand the entire body. These weatherstrips are used to allow the door to fit against the body like it would while painted. This insures that the body work is perfect when it comes time for paint.

1966 Corvette

The 1966 Corvette is fresh out of the booth with it’s second coat of primer! The next step will be to wet sand the entire vehicle and parts, then roll the vehicle back into the booth for base and clear coats! 

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