Web Wednesday – 06/01/2016

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Welcome to Web Wednesday!

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 1990 Corvette

Last week we installed new tires and performed a four wheel alignment on this radical bodied 1990 Corvette!

We can get any brand and type of tire for your Corvette! Don’t take your car to one of the “major chains”! Bring us your quote and we will do our best to BEAT IT! 

1958 Corvette

Tyler has been working hard on the 1958 Corvette, repairing the body as needed, documenting the extra labor performed. He is also prepping the body for upcoming primer and block sand, but still plenty of work to be done before primer is even thought about. He has repaired the driver side lower fender of a crack, and he has also repaired the passenger side lower rocker. 

1954 Corvette

The 1954 Corvette has been primered once. Corey then block sanded the entire body and panels. Now the ’54 is staged back in the paint booth, masked and ready for it’s second coat of primer! After applying the second coat, Corey will remove the car from the paint booth and start to wet sand the primer.

1959 Corvette

The 1959 Corvette has had it’s first coat of primer applied. Corey has now moved the vehicle to the paint shop hoist to start block sanding the body in preparation for the second coat of prime.

1973 Corvette

Ed has started to work on the 1973 Corvette we took in a week ago. He will be performing a tune-up, steering column rebuild, updating the stereo and speakers, and installing new outside mirrors.

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