Web Wednesday – 05/30/17

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1960 Corvette

The 1960 Corvette has been removed from storage and getting some customer concerns and to-do list done before the owner picks her up for the summer. 

1965 Corvette

This 1965 Corvette is also getting it’s customer concern and to-do list done before getting picked up for the summer. 

1964 Corvette

Ed is cruising right along with the 1964 Corvette. He has installed all of the exterior trim and has begun installing the new underlayment and carpet. 

1969 Corvette RestoMod

The front and rear clips for the 1969 Corvette RestoMod are in the mold-making phase. Zac and Jim have applied layers of fiberglass mat to create a rock solid mold. Once the top sides have cured sufficiently, they will flip the parts over and do the backsides. Steve has completed the modifications to his front spoiler/splitter and Jim has begun to make a mold.  

1964 Corvette Convertible

This original owner 1964 Corvette was involved in a small electrical mishap. After removing and replacing the engine wiring harness and alternator, the engine came back to life! The owner had a few other concerns like the musty smell of the interior and volume level of the radio. Greg replaced the radio with a quality aftermarket stereo that appears stock but comes with a digital tuner and aux. inputs for iPod’s, or cellphones. After removing the seats, we sent them to our local upholstery shop to be recovered and restored. Meanwhile, Greg started to scrape and remove all of the old carpet underlayment and adhesive to get a good clean surface and install the new carpet.

1967 Corvette Convertible

Body work has started again on the 1967 Corvette. Sam has been shaping the lines, perfecting the gaps and fit of the doors, hood, decklid, and headlight doors to insure a perfect fit. 

L88 Hood

Pictured here is one of our L88 hoods w/ finished backside being crated for a customer in California! Our L88 style hood is 100% hand-laid and made in house @ Dynamic Corvettes! No other manufacturer makes this hood with a finished backside!

Need one for your Mid-Year Corvette?

Give us a call to place your order today!


1999 Corvette

The owner of this 1999 C5 Corvette wants a little more rumble when he drives down the street. We instantly suggested Billy Boats muffler eliminators! Stay tuned for this upcoming project and a video of the sound difference!


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