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1964 Corvette

The 1964 Corvette is ready for REASSEMBLY! The owner brought in his collection of parts and a list of things for us to do and things that he will do himself. Ed has started with the exterior trim and emblems, then moving on to the windshield and the interior. Once he has completed all of his work on the interior, he will mount the doors, hood and decklid. 

1979 Corvette

The owner of this 1979 Corvette had problems with overheating and a few cosmetic issues. First thing we did was have Corey completely buff and polish the paint, afterwards Junior and Corey applied a coat of Turtle Wax Color Magic which is specifically made for black paint. Once the parts arrived for the overheating problem, Greg started to disassemble the radiator and core support in order to replace them. After the old radiator and support were removed, Greg cleaned the area of coolant and started to install the new parts. With the new radiator and core support installed, he turned his attention to replacing the old banged up wheel trim rings and center caps. 

1966 Corvette

“It kept me going when I was drafted; all I thought about was the car.”

Last week we featured some photos of this 1966 Corvette with a L88 engine installed while Ed and Greg rebuilt the carb. The video is taken shortly after the carb was rebuilt and the engine was running again. Truly a special car with a great history! 


Want to know the history?

Click over to MLIVE and read about how Dynamic Corvettes worked with the owner to get his Corvette back on the road!

1973 Corvette

With the engine back from the machine shop, Greg wasted no time getting the engine back into the 1973 Corvette. With the engine now reinstalled, we can test drive the vehicle to shake out any issues that may spring up. 

1969 Corvette RestoMod

The molds for the 1969 RestoMod project are making progress. Jim and Zac have applied the first coat of tooling gel on the front end and starting to apply it on the rear end. Once this tooling gel cures, they will flip over the parts and do the opposite side. Following the coat of tooling gel, Jim and Zac can then start applying layers of fiberglass to build the molds. 

1966 Corvette

With the second coat of primer applied, Corey has begun wet sanding the vehicle in preparation for the next phase of BASE & CLEAR!

1964 Corvette

This original owner 1964 was involved in a small electrical fire that is being handled by us and his insurance company. On top of repairing the electrical, the customer requested that we freshen up the interior. Door panels, carpet, seat covers, and convertible top are awaiting for installation and this tired old interior will look brand new again!

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