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1966 Corvette

The 1966 Corvette convertible is out of the paint booth with it’s 2nd coat of primer on! After unmasking the vehicle, Corey then moved it back over to the body shop side to be sanded once more before it goes back in the booth for it’s first coats of base then clear!

1966 Corvette w/ a L88 Engine

A very good customer of ours called up to get his 1966 out of storage and we happily obliged, but we were sad to inform him that over the course of the winter the carb had failed and begun to leak fuel. Ed quickly ordered up a Holley rebuild kit and had it done in no time. Afterwards, we changed out the oil and filter and completely flushed the cooling system. She is ready for the road and summer!

Read more about this car by clicking here!

1973 Corvette

The engine is back from the machine shop and looks amazing! Greg wasted no time getting the accessories, spark plugs, wires and manifolds installed. Afterwards he then lowered the engine into the newly refreshed and cleaned engine compartment and mounting the engine to the chassis. The owner requested for us to have an intermediate performance cam installed during the rebuild, we can not wait to hear what rumble comes from the tailpipes on first start up!

1979 Corvette

The owner of this 1979 had a few things he wanted to do with first being the paint. He asked for us to completely buff and polish the finish followed by a good coat of wax. Corey masked off the vehicle and begun to wheel out the finish. After buffing and polishing, he applied a coat of wax. The result is a mirror-like finish! 

He also noted that the vehicle was overheating while on the highway. We discovered that the radiator grill was full of “cotton wood” from the previous summer and was also leaking. We have ordered a replacement radiator for the vehicle. Expect to see more on that next week!


1969 Corvette RestoMod

Jim and the guys in the fiberglass shop have started to build the dams for the mold making process. These dams will be the area of separation on the upcoming molds!

1964 Corvette

Corey and Sam have been working together to get the flush mount windshield and rear windows perfect. Once this process is complete, they can block sand the body and prep for the 2nd coat of primer!

Large Fiberglass Order

We shipped out a large fiberglass order to Kansas last week! 

Two front ends

Two sets of rear quarters

Two sets of rear splash shields

and Two sets of press molded inner fenders!

Some Corvette owners in Kansas are going to be VERY happy VERY soon. 🙂

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