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1969 Corvette RestoMod

The plugs for the RestoMod project are ready to go! Tyler and Zac are now prepping the smaller pieces that need to be turned into molds. Once all the pieces are ready to go, we can apply the tooling gel and begin the mold making process.

1964 Corvette Fuel Injected

This beautiful one-owner 1964 Fuelie was involved in a small electrical fire. Thankfully the vehicle did not catch fire and all that was ruined was part of the electrical system. The owner knew he had to bring it to the EXPERTS to have it repaired properly. We quickly wrote up an estimate and submitted it to the adjuster. 

1971 Corvette

The owner of this 1971 Corvette hasn’t driven the vehicle in 26 years! He pulled it out of the garage and brought it to us for a complete safety inspection. We bled the brakes which we were surprised were still in great shape. Rebuilt the carb, and repaired the leaking power steering. Afterwards we took it out on a test drive which it performed beautifully. Brakes stop safely and straight. Vehicle does not pull to the left or right under acceleration or braking and the cooling system kept the engine around 190F. After a bath and interior detailing, we will contact the owner to come take delivery. 

1984 Corvette

This 1984 came out of storage for some new tires! After the installation of the new “skins”, Ed put the vehicle on the alignment hoist and have the vehicle a complete 4 wheel alignment. Following the alignment, Ed noticed that the engine was slightly misfiring. Upon closer inspection, he found that one of the spark plug wires was arc-ing to the new performance headers. Ed removed the old wires and installed a new set and rerouted the wire to prevent any future arc-ing.

1964 Corvette

Sam is working on the 1964 Corvette restoration.

“Hey Junior… that’s not a 1964 ya goofball! Look at the split!”

Well yes, this does have a split window, but this is not a true 1963. Almost a year ago, Steve started to create this “drop-in” split for 64-67 Corvettes. Not only does the vehicle now appear to be a 1963, but it also will have flush mounted rear windows and windshield like a modern vehicle. Sam has spent the last few days sanding and grinding and massaging the drop-ins to allow them to fit the vehicle better and test fitting the windshield and rear windows. 

“And to think, people were cutting out the splits on 1963 Corvette’s to make it look like a 1964…”

1966 Corvette

The block sanding phase is complete on the 1966 Corvette. Corey has now rolled the vehicle into the paint booth to begin masking and prepping for the 2nd coat of primer. 

1958 Corvette

 The new front and rear suspensions are in and tightened down. Ed has moved the vehicle over to the alignment rack to give it a complete 4 wheel alignment afterwards he took the vehicle out on a extensive test drive to shake out any issues that might arise. 

1969 Corvette

The owner of this 1969 Corvette was in great need of a new clutch! After removing the transmission, Greg placed it in the parts washer to be completely degreased on the exterior. He removed the old clutch and replaced it. Now he starts the reassembly process then afterwards the test drive to be sure the new clutch is in good working order. 

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